Weekend Learning

The weekend is here. While this means a little break from classes, it doesn’t mean a break from learning. It’s not easy to study on the weekends, but if you can get in the habit of doing so, it can make your week a lot less stressful.

Some students who study best at night choose to spend one night of the weekend studying and the other night socializing. Some students find Saturdays and Sundays to be very productive time, because they have a longer block of time and don’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of something after they have finally got into “study mode.” Sometimes it’s just a matter of telling yourself you are going to put in an hour of work on something. Before you know it, you are cranking and can press through and finish an assignment or reading.

Location is particularly important for weekend study sessions. Studying close to (or on top of) your bed on a Saturday afternoon is almost a sure way to fall asleep snuggled in next your books or laptop.  Brookens Library is open 10a-6p on Saturdays and 2p-12a on Sundays. For your computing needs, the Media Lab in the Library is open from 10a-6p on Saturdays and 2p-10p on Sundays. If you find yourself being tempted to socialize instead of studying in your residence hall or in the library, then you may want to find an empty classroom and make it your secret study hide-away. I would suggest a few but then they wouldn’t be secret! You will want to turn your phone off and close Facebook to really make the most of your study session, of course. Will you miss what’s happening with your friends? Maybe, but you will be able to spend better quality time later with your friends knowing you got your work done and having spent some time apart.

It may sound simple but after you have set your time and place for weekend studying, it’s just a matter of committing yourself to doing it and doing it. While this post refers to studying, what we are really talking about is learning. You’re in college to learn as much as you can everyday–even on the weekends.

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