Every course at UIS — on campus, blended, and online — is assigned a Blackboard course site.

Faculty who teach face-to-face may choose whether to use the site. An announcement is posted in each course site to let the students know that its use if the instructor’s prerogative.

Blackboard tutorials are available on the searchable COLRS Online Teaching and Technology Blog (the blog you are on right now). It is updated frequently.

Blackboard Course Site Overview

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system that UIS instructors use to organize course content.

Log in from UIS Homepage under Quick Links or go directly to the UIS Blackboard login page.

The general course environment

In Blackboard, you can easily navigate, provide content, edit items, and change options that affect how users interact with your course.

  1. Course menu: The access point for all course content.
  2. Control Panel: The area after the course menu is your access point for course management functions, such as course style, course tools, and users. Students don’t see the Control Panel.
  3. Student preview: You can review course content and validate course behaviors from a student’s perspective. You’re logged in with a student account—the preview user account—and enrolled in the current course.
  4. Edit Mode: When Edit Mode is ON, all the instructor functions appear, such as Build Content or the appearance of menus. When Edit Mode is OFF, all instructor functions are hidden. The Edit Mode function appears to users with a role of instructor and teaching assistant.
  5. Action bar: Rows at the top of the page that contain page-level actions such as Build Content, Search, Delete, and Upload. The functions on the action bar change based on where you are in your course. The action bar can contain multiple rows of functions such as on the main Grade Center page.
  6. Menus: An Options Menu icon appears for components with menus, such as content items, course menu links, or Grade Center columns. The options in the menu vary based on the component.

Some content from Blackboard.