The practice guidelines for integrating practice-based experiences were developed by Professor Stephen Billett, Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), National Teaching Fellow.  The guidelines are intended to assist higher education faculty to make decisions about organizing and integrating student experiences in practice settings to support student development, so they will make smooth transitions to their selected occupations upon graduation. The guidelines focus on:

  1. purposes for organizing and integrating experiences;
  2. key learning outcomes;
  3. key considerations for providing practice-based experiences;
  4. different ways of providing practice experiences for students;
  5. sets of principles and practice associated with organizing those experiences within the curriculum;
  6. enriching pedagogic practices.
The report identifies and appraises curriculum and pedagogic principles and practices for integrating higher education students’ experiences across practice and university settings through three phases of activities:
  • sponsored and engaged 20 projects from a wide range of disciplines across six universities to identify principles and practices;
  • appraised the 20 projects’ principles for practice, processes and outcomes in terms of educational worth for developing the kinds of knowledge graduates need to smoothly transition into their selected occupations;
  • attempted to align particular kinds of curriculum and pedagogic practices that are associated with specific kinds of learning.

The Dialogue Forum for the ALTC National Teaching Fellowship booklet contains information pertaining to the fellowship program, project details and findings.