Employability in Higher Education: A review of practice and strategies around the world is a literature review associated with the practice, ecosystems and strategies in place around the world that are used to improve the employability levels of students and graduates and ensure that their skills and knowledge are fit-for-purpose for the graduate labor market upon leaving Higher Education (HE).  The publication is divided into five sections:

  1. How are higher education institutions developing coherent employability programs’?
  2. Best practice methods of embedding employability skills into the curriculum, and the importance of pedagogy.
  3. What graduate employability skills to employers value?
  4. How can higher education institutions and employers build closer working relationships?
  5. How is impact measured?
  6. Directions.
Image of an employability skills wheel published in the UKCES 2009 report, figure 3.  the Employability wheel center circle begins with employability skills surrounded by criical factors, then key features, and lastly, the out circle consisting of areas that impact on the learner, employer and provider.

Figure 3. Employability Skills Wheel (UKCES, 2009, p.17)