The National Network’s library of tools, guides, white papers, frameworks and other resources can provide guidance to educators and other learning providers so they will know what foundational skills to emphasize.  These products can also help employers, industry leaders, learning providers and others who seek to take action and connect learning and work in their companies, communities and beyond.   Learn more about the National Network’s innovation projects.


  • Work-and-Learn in Action Guidebook – introduces employers, educators and others to a range of options along the work-and-learn continuum to help them find an approach that works for their organization and community.
  • Common Employability Skills – a cross-industry approach to foundational skills regardless of where employees work.
  • Blueprint for Organizations to Create Standards-Based Credentials -a first step in defining the qualities that make programs valuable to consumers—employers, workers and students.
  • Attributes of the New Business-Led Work-And-Learn Models