Learn how the Necessary Skills Now teams of faculty and employers will develop a curriculum that integrates technical content and employability concepts within existing courses rather than teach stand-alone courses on employability topics in isolation from the technical content.  The project will provide opportunities to teach employability skills prioritized by industry within discipline-specific courses using authentic workplace scenarios as the context for instruction.

Project Goals:

  1. Validate broad employability skills categories; select and prepare curriculum development team members for collaboration.
  2. Using an integrated curriculum development process, develop, pilot, revise, and disseminate 12 curriculum projects (six per sector) integrating employability and technical course concepts.
  3. Provide faculty professional development resources and workshops to support implementation of integrated projects and replication of curriculum design process across other institutions and sectors.

Learn more about project deliverables, outcomes and pilot sites, or apply to become a pilot site by completing the interest form.