What is the “T” (T-Shaped Professionals)?

Currently, higher education is producing I-shaped graduates who focus largely on their particular knowledge and skill-set, views the workplace as a competitive environment, and works within disciplinary silos. T-shaped professionals are characterized by their deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one area, an understanding of systems, and their ability to function as “adaptive innovators” and cross the boundaries between disciplines.  Currently, many college and university graduates have been trained to be productive in one field, but employers are placing increasing importance on skills that reach beyond a single discipline or focus.

Additional information about T-Professionals can be found at the College Employment Research Institute (CERI).

Image of the letter T. the verticle bar of the "T" represents deep knowledge in at least one discipline and one system (focusing on analytic thinking and problem solving); horizontal bar represents boundary-crossing competencies (such as teamwork communication, project management) in addition to general knowledge of many disciplines and systems.

T-Shaped Professional