The inline grading tool for Blackboard Assignments is not functioning. We’ve identified two work-arounds for this issue. If you would like to continue using an inline grading function, consider creating a Turnitin Assignment to replace the current Blackboard assignment. You can also learn to grade a Turnitin Assignment. The other work-around, described below, is to download the student’s work, mark it up in Microsoft Word or other text editor, and upload the document to the course grade center.

  1. In the Grade Center of your course, locate an assignment that is ready for grading, which is denoted by the exclamation mark icon.
    Screen capture of the full grade center with one assignment submitted by one student, shown by a yellow exclamation mark icon.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Exclamation mark and click on the down arrow that appears.
  3. On the menu that appears, click on “Attempt mm/dd/yy”
    Screen capture of the Full Blackboard Grade Center, with context menu for a submitted assignment showing. Click on the Attempt option to view your student's work.
  4. Click on the Assignment title (in blue text on the right side of the page) to download the assignment. Most files will end in .doc or .docx.
    screen capture of Assignment Details page in Blackboard Grade Center. Click on the name of the file to download your student's work.
  5. Open the document and type your feedback or use Track Changes. When you’re finished grading, save it to your computer.
  6. To upload the document with your feedback, click on the blue Attempt area. In the textbox that appears, click on the small paperclip icon. Select your file and click Open.
    Screen capture of the Assignment Details pane in Blackboard Assignment grader. click on the Attach/paperclip icon to attach your edited work document to the assignment.
  7. The name of the file should appear as a link in the textbox. Enter the grade for the student and click Submit.
    Screen capture of the Assignment Detail page in Blackboard Grade Center. A link to an attached document with instructor feedback is shown in the textbook. Enter a grade for the student. Click Submit to save your work.Enter a grade for the student. Click Submit to save your work.