Remote Teaching Tip: Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessments require students to apply concepts they have learned to real world situations by having them complete meaningful task-based assessments. This type of assessment engages a variety of skills, and measures higher levels of learning than traditional assessments. Authentic assessment helps students practice creative thinking and problem-solving, and allows for multiple paths to demonstrate knowledge.

Most authentic assessments involve complex questions and tasks that do not have straightforward solutions; students must research, brainstorm, practice, draft, and refine solutions in order to complete the assignment.

Examples of authentic assessments you can use in online learning environment include:

  • Peer Review
  • Self-Assessment
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Online Journaling
  • Interpretation of charts/graphs
  • Have students design assessments
  • Require answer justification (why is the answer correct?)
  • Peer evaluation of reflections/essays
  • Experimental interpretation- analysis of research based findings

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