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Enroll Users in Blackboard

When you enroll a user in your Blackboard course, please keep these points in mind.

  • The official system of record for course rosters is in Enterprise Self-Service. Please always check your roster before enrolling student users.
  • Users with the role of Teaching Assistant or Instructor, unless they are officially co-instructors or TAs, should not be enrolled in courses due to FERPA restrictions on sharing of student grades.

To enroll a user in a Blackboard course:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Users and Groups, and then Users.
  3. Click on the “Find Users to Enroll” button.
  4. Next to Username, type the UIS NetID (not their email address) of the person you wish to enroll.
    • If you do not know the NetID of the person you wish to enroll, you will need to look it up. Click the “Browse” button. Search for the person by Last Name, First Name, or Email address. Check the box next to the name of the user, and click Submit.
    • If you need to enroll more than one person, separate the NetIDs with a comma only — no spaces. (E.G.: jsmit1,mgarc2,jdoe7)
    • If you have requested a guest account for a person who does not have a UIS email address, the e-mail address of the guest is used in the place of the UIS NetID.
  5. Choose role of user(s): student, instructor, teaching assistant, or course builder are the only functional roles in Blackboard at UIS.
    • Instructor and Teaching Assistant allow people to edit your class and view the Grade Center.
    • If you have a guest that you’d like to access your course materials but not the Grade Center, please use the role of “student,” as the role of “guest” will not allow them to view the course.
  6. Click Submit.

If you cannot find the person in Blackboard, s/he may already be enrolled in your course or may not yet have a NetID. Please contact COLRS for help.

Using Turnitin as a Student

Turnitin is plagiarism detection software available to faculty at UIS. To learn more about using Turnitin as a student, including helpful videos, please see

You may also find the Turnitin Manual for Students (pdf) a helpful resource.


View Blackboard Assignment Feedback from Your Instructor

To view Feedback on Individual or Group Assignments in Blackboard

This contains instructions for viewing feedback on Blackboard Assignments for which you uploaded a file to an assignment with this icon beside it:


  1. In your course, click on My Grades in the course menu.
  2. You will see a list of all the assignments in your class.
  3. Locate the assignment you wish to see feedback on.
  4. If your instructor has given you a grade, click on the title of the assignment to view feedback.
  5. If you submitted a Word document (.doc or .docx), PowerPoint (.ppt or. pptx) or PDF (.pdf), the feedback screen will look like this:
    instructor feedback croc doc(click on the image to enlarge it)
  6. If your instructor left feedback on the paper itself, scroll through the document to read it. To download a copy of feedback of this feedback, click on the download bb assignment feedbackdownload button above the document on the screen.
  7. If your instructor attached feedback in a file, click on the name of the file to view or save it.

My Grades Item Status

The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.

Symbol Description
Item has not yet been completed. No information is available.
Item has been submitted. This item is waiting to be reviewed by your instructor.-OR-Item has been submitted. Your instructor may review this item but may not be provided a grade (for items such as surveys).
Grade Item has been graded. Click the grade or assignment title to view detailed feedback.
Attempt is in progress. This item has not been submitted. To submit the item, see Submitting a Draft Assignment.
Grade is exempted for this user. If you do not complete this assignment, it will not affect your grade.
Error has occurred. Contact your instructor.

Viewing Narrated Lectures (Impatica) for Students

This video covers how to us the controls for Impatica lectures. It covers the especially important method for switching between Flash and HTML5 mode for viewing the lecture in different browsers. If you create narrated lectures using Impatica software, you may want to share this video with your students.