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Reminder: the relationship does not have to be between you and the place you identify as home. In many of my comments on the drafts of these papers, I suggested that the relationship may be between the place and a group or people or even another place.

When you cite from any other source from online, include a link to that source. If the author has a website, as Miranda Ward does, you should include a link to that site as well.

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Transitioning from Place to Place


After a long day out, the first thing I do is to go to my room, lie down, relax and unwind. When I am in my room, I can empty my mind of all the garbage that has accumulated during the day and concentrate on what I need or want to do. I play videogames in my room, I study in my room and I watch anime on the computer in my room. While my house is where I live, “home,” for me, is best defined as the place where I do my work, enjoy my time alone and go back to, which perfectly describes my room.

“Home,” or my room, is a relatively medium-sized bedroom with one bed, a desk beside the bed, and two bookcases on either side of the room. The bookcases are packed with different kinds of books, from fiction to my textbooks, as well as some loose paper and spare notebooks. It is on the second floor of my family’s house, and has a big window that overlooks the cul-de-sac that hour house is on. The room is relatively soundproof, so the only sounds I hear are those that occur within the room, or on the second floor occasionally, usually some type of music or video playing in my brother’s room. The smell of sweat and paper fill the area, and usually, I have to open the window to air these smells out. The room feels warm and occasionally stuffy on some nights, but with windows, I am able to get it back to an optimal temperature.

When I go back “home” I feel as though I can ignore the world around me and simply be “myself.” I do not have to worry about anyone outside watching me and I can do whatever I want without fear of being judged. However, at the same time, I sometimes feel caged by the room, unable to make any progress as a person due to the confinement of being in one space. One reason for this is that my “home” is synonymous to a comfort zone; a place where I feel safe, yet also hinders my progress due to not taking any steps forward. In my room, I cannot interact with anyone on the outside, and in order to make progress, one must interact with people. At other times, I feel that the room is keeping me from seeing the world outside and I feel the incredible desire to walk out and explore the world.


Sometimes, I leave my “home” in order to interact with the world outside and try to come out of my shell little more each day. In the end, I still come back to my room, but I still believe that I make progress each day. I come back “home” in order to finish the jobs that I get from those outside. For example, after coming back from college, I go back “home” to finish assignments, study for tests and other projects, then think about how to move forward once I am done with those. I do the same for any other place on the outside that has given me some form of job, such as club duties, jobs and requests from friends.

Comparing my definition of home to that of the definition of the people that we have read from, mine is much more personal. In John Berger’s article, he was focused on the actual definition of home and what connotations that the actual word has. John Steinbeck, on the other hand, talks about how people constantly destroy the land that they find over and over again and claim it as “home.” I prefer talking about my interactions with home and what that means to me, as I feel I can get a better impact out of my paper that way.

My “home,” being my room opens very many possibilities. I am in a place I am familiar with, yet also a place where I cannot progress further. My room is a place where I can come back to but at the same time, a place I want to leave. In the end, I believe that “home” is the place where one comes and goes, but eventually leaves behind in order to progress further in the world.

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Relationships Essay/Revisions Blog – Ruell Chappell


Metal Doors

Step by step I walk to Kiwanis Field. I enter the stadium knowing that this is the home of prairie stars. I look at the field as I walk by it, and I have flash backs of the last game we just had. Being that our last game was a loss, I knew that today would have to be a good day at training. I continue on to the locker room and I open the door. I look to find that my personal locker is just how I left it, slightly open with tons of athletic clothes bulging out. Other teammates are at their lockers getting ready for practice so I sit down on the bench right in front of my locker and get started. I follow my regular practice routine at my locker. My routine usually consists of playing music off of the Pandora app on my cell phone, putting on my team soccer gear, rolling a long padded cylinder pole on my legs to help stretch out my legs , reviewing our common team goals of game strategies and motivations, and then I leave the locker room for the practice field transformed into the player I need to be. Famous words were spoken in the past by Abraham Lincoln when he said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will use the first four sharpening the axe.” The quote voices the importance of preparation and what it leads to. In relation to that quote I have to have a locker to go to before I play. If I didn’t have a locker to use before I practice or play I wouldn’t perform well. Going to my locker before I play soccer is vital to me being mentally focused and physically prepared to improve my game.

Understanding one of the uses of going to and leaving my locker from my perspective is understanding the personality change of going from studious and personal living to preparing for soccer. This tends to be a pretty massive change in personality for me because I go from thinking about my friends, family, what I need to do for the day, and studying to becoming serious and blanking everything out except for the game of soccer. My locker tends to help me block out everything going on in my head by keeping my head straight forward into the small space it has to offer, limiting my sight and eventually forcing me to focus on my preparation. The game of soccer for a soccer player isn’t just the game itself, it consists of much more out of the game. For me, the game of soccer is what I am doing to prepare for practice or games, reviewing game tactics, and asking myself what I need to do to better my soccer skills. My life outside of being in the locker room or the game/practice field, however, has no affect on how well I improve, the common goals of our team, or the result of the game. So why let it change how you feel and think? For example, if I was dealing with a family crisis and I was preparing to play soccer, I would go to my locker and look into it, thinking about soccer until I am mentally focused. One of the key factors in preparation is mentally focusing on the task at hand.

Players on my team may not transform into the soccer player they are the same as I do. This is part of what makes players different. Not all soccer players could compare the way I transform into a soccer player with another teammate on my team that may have different steps or ideals in preparing or playing soccer. Some players on my team are pretty energetic and have happy-go-lucky moods about them when they are at their lockers. They could be joking around with teammates, singing to music, and juggling a ball at their lockers. I believe it’s because they don’t need a quiet place or focal point to be able to start preparing for what’s ahead. Sometimes they have different routines. Some players on my team may not use their locker at all by keeping their gear on them and not putting all of their gear on until they are out on the field, they might not roll out their legs because their legs may not get tight, and they may not review game tactics at all because they may know them by heart. For me, that’s not the case. I need to do my routine to ensure quality when I play. The mental switch of using a locker for others may not be as deliberate of a switch as mine. From experience, I have had teammates where they have the same mental mindset as they do off the field, unlike me I go from relaxed to focused/serious. My locker is essentially my key to becoming a better player.

After coming back to the locker room from practice I usually sit down and and start taking off my gear. Taking off my gear gives me a sense of relief that the job is done and I can relax and look back on how I did. I begin to put my dirty clothes in my personal laundry loop so the coaches can wash my gear for next time. If needed I may stretch my legs out again before I leave with the padded pole. Lastly when everything is put away in my locker I close my locker door. The noise of the door clanging is sort of a mental signal that I can transform back to the social and academic person I am out side of soccer. I then leave the locker room ready to have my athletic gear back in my locker when I arrive the next time.

The transformation of players from their normal lives to preparing to p]lay soccer can be shown in many ways and everyone’s is different. The way to change one’s self and the amount of effort put into mentally blocking the life outside of all the aspects of soccer will determine the soccer player they are. I call the transformation the “Clark Kent Effect” because Clark Kent has a normal personal life, but then when duty calls, he goes to his secret phone booth and comes out as superman ready to do good for the world. No matter what team I play on and no matter if I am practicing or playing in a game, I will carry on my ideals of transforming into the soccer player I need to be.


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Above all its home…


The view of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital city and the heart of Nepal, is where I grew up, this is my home, and it is my identity and defines who I am. The sound of a hundred vehicles on the road rushing to get to places; the horns are as loud as ever, he neighbor’s son singing at the top of his voice, my two dogs barking at the neighbor’s dog, the sweet smell of coffee, the sizzles in the kitchen and the smell of authentic food cooking, my father listening to the daily news in the other room, my cousin dancing around and waking me up, this was I what woke up to everyday. The chaos of the city was to me a sense of my life. Although I go to school in Illinois now, and I traveled to see my father whenever I had a chance, a special place in my heart exists for the relationship I have with my home- Kathmandu.


In the streets of Thamel

The bright sun shining on me and the cool breeze blowing through my hair through the open window made me feel alive. I felt safe here, like no one could harm me. This feeling followed me everywhere inside the city; at the top of the hill or at a café. No matter where I went I knew I was among people like me. You could go anywhere and the noise would follow you, you could turn around and look around you and would always something or the other happening there. The festivals, the culture, the tradition could be seen all around you, there wasn’t a dull moment there, you could just sit somewhere and watch the people passing by and have a good time. The view from the top of the hill was heavenly, we could see the whole city, it always helped me unwind and the light at night was just beautiful.


The view of the mountain

I love travelling and to see new places. Whenever I had long holidays I would go visit my father and explore the things around. I would stay there for a while but then start to miss the city in a few days. The ‘Welcome to Kathmandu’ sign would give me a sigh of relief because I felt that I was finally where I belonged, finally back to the place I’ve known, a place which holds memories, a place which I love, back home.

I cannot put into words the difference in between Kathmandu and Springfield, the comfort of home is lost somewhere, and the feeling of safety is far gone. Everyone I had ever known was from Nepal, not necessarily Kathmandu though. Describing to people about Kathmandu and showing them around the city always made me feel like I was showing them my world, my safe heaven. Every time I stepped out of my house, the people around would be greeting me because I have seen them since I was a child and they knew me, they knew my family. Thinking back on how my life was then make me realize the comfort we have in the place we call home, the place we identify as home. The educational environment back in my home town and UIS are different. In every aspect it is different from what I was used to for the past nineteen years of my life. That was the truth I lived in, the only place I knew how to live in but now that I am here adjusting to this new environment, which is very challenging. The people, the place, the sound in the background, the smell, the feeling is just alarmingly new for me.

In its own way the city has taught me so much. It was always crowded and if you did not speak up for what you wanted you would have to watch it slip away. It taught me that there are two sides to everything, like the city itself. Though the city was crowded and chaotic at the center, it was also peaceful and heavenly on the outskirts. Whenever we think about home, we associate it with safety and comfort ,which is true ,but home is also a place where we grow, where we learn new things, where we struggle and challenge ourselves to be better and for me this associated with the city; Kathmandu not only a specific place but the city as a whole.


Up the hill with some friends

The relationship I have with Kathmandu is a positive relationship filled with memories and attachment. Kathmandu has its own uniqueness. It is a valley surrounded by hills and the climate there is just perfect not too cold or too hot. The city is filled with Hindu culture and I have learned so much about my culture from it. It is also called the city of temples and visiting temples is a big part of our culture. I have learned so much from it and I never thought I would miss the city. I never thought of the city as a whole as my home but now that I am so far from it I miss every aspect of it. My city is my identity, my pride, it may not be perfect or the best city in the world but it is home to me.

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A Place to Call Home

“Turn it down or turn it off!” The words my mother used in order to say the music is too loud. Even though my mother did her very best to keep a happy home it worked in some cases, but home never compared to school. At school I was “home” and my friends were like a family. I spent all of my time and energy at school and by the time I got “home” I was too tired to care about anything besides restarting my routine. School delivered a sense of belonging, hope, and safety. I couldn’t stay at “home” knowing I only had one source of motivation so I stayed at school where success and motivation was key from everyone around me. “Home” is school, “home” is a desk, and “home” is where friends are.

School provided us with almost everything we needed to succeed. I would say that the most important tool to success is a desk. At this desk you weren’t only a student, but you are a student destined for greatness. In every classroom and office there is a desk for each person to sit, collect notes, do homework, and plan for success. On the first day of school teachers would have a set seating chart, so that students didn’t get to sit next to their friends and get easily distracted. Other occasions you teacher wouldn’t tell you to sit on the floor and take your notebook out, but they would tell you to sit at your desk and prepare to take notes. In “The Meaning of Home”, John Berger starts his excerpt with the dictionary definition of home such as, “The term home (Old Norse Heimer, High German heim, Greek komi, meaning “village”)”. School is the village that Berger speaks of. An old African Proverb says that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” School was built on the sole principal that with the help of home, family, and community a child would be raised to be the best they can be.

The school is surrounded with positive atmospheres.

I used school to escape stress and possibly depression. I could never say if I was actually happy at home or school was what made me stronger to play as if I were happy. School and home are both supposed to make you feel safe, happy, and at “home.” School could never fully suffice for “home” because you could not sleep there at night. At home you might have all things necessary to prepare for another day of school. Shower, washing, eating (most times) are things you do at home if you could because you could not do them at school. Some people do not have certain options while at “home” like eating, sleeping, being happy, feeling safe, or even having a home.

It is important to differentiate the difference between school and home. Home is where your biological family is, and school is where your friends, teachers, and peers are.  In the words of Miranda Ward, “What I want is to say something more interesting about this place than, “here is where I’m from,” but I don’t know what, yet; it’s still too foggy – it’s home/not home, mine/not mine, complicated/not complicated (para. 11).” Sometimes there is no feeling as to why I would not feel home at home and why I would feel at “home” at school. I know the difference but it has a stronger impact on me because I can feel the difference. I feel like at home you cannot grow as much as you want to as a person because you are contained to the same environment and raised by similar personalities. At school there are various amounts of personalities, you do not know what’s going to happen next and you will not be able to predict why it would happen. The more time I spend at a certain place the more I feel at home. I feel like school is a natural home for some people. We grow the most when we are surrounded by others that are growing just like we are.

When we learn something new are brains get bigger so we have more space to store the information in turn we get smarter. The desk represents our brain. Even though the desk cannot grow any more from us sitting at it and learning it supports us physically. For some people a desk is a place to rest your head because you did not get enough sleep the night before because you were studying late or playing your favorite game at “home.” School has a way of making or breaking ones future. One can either grow at school or fall behind because they are not getting the support they need. School is important for those who do not know anything more than sadness and pain because there should always be someone there to help through the difficult times.

“Home” is everything you can ask for and then some. Being at home is motivation, strength, and courage to learn something new every day. When one feels at home they get comfortable and are able to open up, become who they are meant to be, and cherish the importance of being able to call a place home or feel like they have “A Place to Call Home”. I am able to call school home. I cherish every moment that I am able to receive an education because I know what my family went through to get me here and I know that not everyone has a place to call home. “Home” is school, a desk, and it is where my heart

The outside of the school. It is also known as the triangle.


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Relationships Blog

A place that I consider home lies in a land far, far away from where I am from. This place that I envisioned of home is in Dallas, Texas. When I was in Dallas, Texas, at my Uncle Mike’s house, it was almost a dream come true. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was so much different from Chicago or the fact that I had an experience that I would never forget that made me feel like I had belonged there all along. “Home sweet home” is what I like to call it. In order for me to further explain these feelings I had, I have to start from the beginning of how I was once depressed, and I escaped to a place that was so blissful and safe that I called it my new home.

I was about 12 years old when I first went to my Uncle’s house in Dallas. My mom had saved up enough money for my twin brother and me to take a plane for the first time to go spend our spring break with our Uncle Mike in Dallas. My twin brother, Jason, was just as excited as I was to go there. It was our first time getting on a plane and leaving the state by ourselves. My Uncle Mike is a former NFL cornerback who played for a Super Bowl Patriots team in 1996 so he made a lot of money playing football and was smart enough to manage it in order for him to still live in luxury. My Uncle is a role model to me. He grew up in a rough neighborhood like me and worked hard to be in the NFL while also remaining humble in the process. I can count on him whenever I am in need of money, school, or even advice about life. He was just a phone call away and he never let me down. Being that my Mom didn’t make enough money to take vacations with us, she couldn’t come with us but she made sure that we were able to enjoy our spring break by sending us there. After the first time visiting, it became a tradition because every spring break we would spend it there. It was so good to get away from Chicago and all the violence that was going on so I used that opportunity to relax and not worry.

When I got off the plane, my brother and I was greeted by friendly travelers who were from Texas that helped us find our bags. The one thing I remembered the most about Texas was the hot weather. It was perfect weather for me because even in the spring time, it would still be cold in Chicago so it was nice to feel hot weather. Once I saw my Uncle’s car, I immediately was attached to it as if I had seen my soul mate. It was a brand new jet black 2008 Mercedes Benz with customized chrome rims, a car that I thought I would not only see, but ride in my dreams. The seats had built in back massagers and a television in the front and back of the car. The best thing about the car was that it drove as if we were floating on air. Driving in the car, people looking at us as if we were movie stars, really made a huge impact on my life as well as my priorities in life. I knew one day that I would be driving in a car like that and I would be a successful person.

In Dallas, or at least the part we were in, seemed so peaceful. There were little kids outside playing football with their parents, people waving at us as we drove by, clean streets, and not one police siren was on throughout of the neighborhood. The air was even better there. It smelled like flowers and rain as if it had rained the night before so that on that day the sun would shine. When we pulled up into my Uncle’s driveway, I was amazed at what I had seen. I was staring at a house that looks as if it were a castle built fit for a king of England. Jason and I just stood there with our mouths open in utter shock.imagesO3XDVMHF

The inside of this big white house was even more glamorous than the outside. Inside of the house had a huge chandelier at the front entrance that was so big. The stairs lead to the second floor and the first floor/basement. It smelled like an open meadow and scented candles all around the house. Just on the first floor alone was a game room that was filled with a big screen television, a pool table, a mini golf set, and even a huge pacman arcade game right in the corner. This was where we probably had the most fun. When we was bored, we all went down there and played NBA 2k and my uncle would always cut off the game when he was losing. On the second floor it was a dining room that looked like the entire furniture was made out of glass itself. Also, in the middle of the room there was a huge flat screen television that played nothing put football games all day. To the left of that was the kitchen that smelled if pizza beagles and chicken that had just come out of the pan. The 3rd floor to the building was my favorite floor of all, the bedrooms. It had three bedrooms, a room that looks like a lounge, and two bathrooms with walk in showers’ which was something I had never seen before with my own eyes. I can honestly say that I had never had or slept in my own room before I went there. At one point during my life, I was sharing a bed with my twin brother while also sharing a room with my two other brothers. It was so nice to sleep in a bed to myself and not have to wake up taking pain pills for my back.

Being away from my real home in Chicago was different but in a so much better environment for me. In Dallas, I didn’t have to worry about going outside and being afraid that I would get shot or jumped on. I never once had to worry about police breaking down our doors to chase a criminal or worry about my house getting broken into. I think the best thing about being in Dallas was that I felt protected at all times. In Dallas, people protected their own or how John Berger said it “safeguarding the property” in The Meaning of Home. It is a special feeling when I go there not only because I am having fun, but also because that was the only time I could go to sleep in peace and quiet from the outside world. When I am away from Dallas, I sometimes find myself dreaming as if I was still there and when I would wake up from my dream, I would feel sad and sometimes lost as if I was home sick from being away from my true home.

When we were on our way to the airport to go back to Chicago, I would sit in the back seat and cherish my last moments in the car. I probably used about every device I could use back there that I couldn’t use in my Mom’s car. I had an amazing feeling in that luxury car that I would want to have again someday and I think after being in that car, I was determined to work so much harder in everything that I did so that one day I would be the one driving a luxury car like that. When I got out of the car, the thriving, excited, and joyful feeling I had escaped me as if all of my belongings had been taken away from me. I still to this very day keep a picture in my phone in order to motivate me to be a successful person in life and hard work is the only way I am going to get it. I want to have that same feeling of safety, comfort one day in that place I called home in my own little utopia back in Dallas, Texas.

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The field: Home


The field: Home


Growing up all my life revolved around was soccer, and still to this day it does. Soccer is a work of art and it’s more than just kicking a ball into a goal. Preparing a wonderful soccer field takes time and dedication, the lines must be perfect and the grass has to be cut to a specific length, otherwise the game will not flow correctly. In my eyes I look at the soccer field as a symbolization of home. The field and I share memories that I could never relive even if I tried. There is a bond between myself and the soccer field, much like there is between people and home.

No drug in the world could re-create the feeling of scoring the game winning goal in an important match. As soon as you realize the ball is going to hit the back of the net you lose feeling. You begin to run frantically, but you can’t run fast enough because your teammates will always catch you to pat you on the back. If anyone on my team were to do something good such as block a shot, score the game winner, or make a hard tackle, the team would be there to tell him what a fantastic job he was doing. It’s a family thing. Any team can handle praise, but it takes a true family-team to be able to take constructive criticism. As much as we praise each other we also criticize one another. The field is like a home because we solve all problems through conversing on a field as a family solves problems in a home.




For me the soccer field is my chapel. I’ve learned more than I have in some classes on the field. It teaches valuable lessons both on and off the field which can be very rewarding. There’s always room to improve on the field, and you can never be perfect. You’re not always going to win in the beautiful sport of soccer, but you can’t win everything in life. “I look at the field as one of my homes because it’s like my actual home, consistent, but hardly ever perfect,” said David Beckham

One of my favorite feelings for me is walking onto the field on a beautiful day. The sun is up, the wind is calm, and all you can think about is the ball at your feet. All of my problems go away. It’s like when an artist is painting, or when a writer is writing. It’s better than any drug or feeling in the world.  Like most things, soccer can be frustrating no matter what, but at the end of the day I play the sport because I think it makes me a better person overall.

Life is like one big test. A test that you’re preparing for all of your life. Everyone around you is going through the motions so that one day when they’re older they can have experiences and opportunities that others didn’t. Well, the game of soccer is a test that I’ve been practicing for since I was in 3rd grade. Its weird to think that I’m a freshman in college now, but that going to show how much I’ve learned. “Only 9% of people go on to play college sports, and I look at the 9% and think to myself,” said ESPN bloggers. “Wow, I really must have done something right to be in this position I am in.”

Almost all of my idols are or were professional soccer players, and I can guarantee they feel the same way I do about the pitch. Whether it is a dirt pitch or a pitch that looks like what professionals play on, a soccer field will always be home for me. I know that even if I have a rough day that I can go out and kick the ball around and that will take my mind off of things. In my opinion, putting a ball at your feet is the best way to think about things, or even reflect on the day or task at hand. Fathers are idols to some, but for me these professionals, specifically Lionel Messi, is my idol and always will be.

I grew up playing, loving, and being a student of the game of soccer. For the rest of my life soccer will somehow be involved. Whether its through coaching youth, watching it on television, or maybe someday advancing on to playing professional. After playing a full season of PDL, which is professional development league, and also playing in college I think I’m ready to take a step up and continue to play on the biggest stage of them all. Professional. If I’ve already grown up believing so much in this beautiful sport, then why stop now?

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Six families in a dark brown apartment building.

Relationship Picture

Have you ever watched a reality television show? Families fighting or making up with each other, even pushing each other in their million dollar pools! This is detrimental as reality shows do not show what the real definition of an American home is; instead, television producers create a false cognitive framework to mislead culture.

My home does not have a million dollar pool, or even more than one bedroom. Home for myself is Chicago, Illinois. It is the dark brown apartment building which has six different families, apartment 2A. This one bedroom apartment has been changed into three; the living room is my little sister’s bedroom, and the dining room is my older sister and her baby girl’s bedroom. Even though our home isn’t television-worthy, it still works for us and is a place I feel safe.

Think back to what made your home your home. How was it created, or influenced by media? The relationship between the world of television and the regular world is demonstrated through a dynamic triangle which depends on each other to survive. The three main points of this triangle consists of the producers, televisions and homes. Producers create scripts that they feel are important for American television so that they can influence the homeowners about what they feel the ideal home is. Indirectly television producers (and mass media influence our idea of home. They don’t have people depicting what they can write and cannot write so why should they be able to depict what we feel a home should feel like.

Without us questioning the producers they will continue to do what they have been doing. They show what they want to show even if it mean that have to cut some of the most important details. We are allowing them to continue making shows and gain a higher profit if we just sit back and watch what they show our loved one.

Let’s use the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as an example. For those of you who don’t know the show it’s a show that display what happens at the family home. Based mostly of what the producer want to show most of which are cut short and/or missing important details. One time the showed the mother and the father ageing leaving us to guess the reason why they were arguing because they failed to include what they were arguing in the first place. With the show being a reality show about a specific family they depend on each other to survive and make a profit. If the family were to leave they would no longer have a show about that specific family and would cause them to have to think of a new approach to making some type of a profit. Where if the cameraman with their cameras were to leave there would simply be no show. The Kardashian family would be able to live a less difficult life and have a little more privacy.

Why should we let the producers depict what a home looks and feels like? We cannot look to a prerecorded home for the definition of what a home is. One should to gain the knowledge of what they believe a home is based on their heart. We need to take back the power. We need to look in to media literacy and see why they do the things that they do how they get away with it so that we can work to get the real definition of our homes back to what it need to be. What is shown on TV is way different than what happens in real life homes. Almost all families don’t have camera men in our everyday lives, recording their every move. They don’t have people depicting what they can and cannot say. Families that are being recorded every moment from the time they wake up to the time they lay to rest cannot be the real person they want to be when they are at home. So why should we allow producers chose what a home is without getting paid.

My home is a dark brown building on the south side of Chicago.  It has three floors and is known as an apartment building but it is also known as home from myself. Although it houses 6 different families, the one that is most important is mine. Home should be a place where one can be happy and relaxed. We all know that being away from the place for a long period of time cause homesickness. My advice for you is to stay positive and schedule a time when you actually can go home even if it just for a weekend. One weekend can release so much stress trust me. Until then stay positive. Feel free to comment about how you feel you home has be influenced by media. Or just comment about what you miss most about your home.


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My Home Away From Home

Growing up at my Nana’s house was the safest place to be when I was younger. Being at my Nana’s house was like being out by the fire cooking marshmallows, warm and comforting. I always knew going to my Nana’s house that I would be safe and sound. She was always there to comfort me when times were tough, or to give me a good laugh. When I was younger it was my home away from home, and now when I go back, it makes me feel like a little kid again.  

My Nana’s house is where I grew up at and where I learned how to read and write. I remember sitting at my little table watching a video on the television about the alphabet. I would learn a new letter each day, and after I could write it well enough my Nana would give me ice cream. We would also sit in her big cozy chair and read out of a big blue book. This big blue book contained every fairytale known to man. When we first got the book, my Nana would just read to me. After I started to understand how to read, I would read to her out of the big blue book. I would always feel safe at my Nana’s house. If I were having a bad day, I would always want to go to my Nana’s house. I would sit in front of the fire, if it were cold out, and just take in the warmth and feel better.  

My Nana’s house is more than a safe place for me to go when I am stressed, it is a place that I can escape my demons. When I look back on my childhood, every memory that I can remember was at my Nana’s house. Playing on the swing set, learning how to read and write, playing dress up with my friends, or riding on the lawn mower with my Papa. One memory that comes to mind is on every holiday or special event that would be going on in my Nana’s life, she would make a cherry pie. Cherry pie is my favorite type of pie, and I would just love how the aroma of the pie would fill up the house. My Nana let me help her make on of the pies for Christmas one year. Now every time I eat or make a cherry pie I think back to that moment, in that house, where I loved to be. 

John Berger mentioned in his essay that ‘home is the center of the world’. For me, my Nana’s house is the center of my world. It’s where I grew up, where I learned how to do so many things, and it’s a place my family gathers for holidays. My best memories are at that house, and that will never change. Berger also infers that the Home’s location changes. Where I live or what I call home, will never compare to my “home” when I was a little girl. I might move a lot later in life during and after college, but my true home will always be at my Nana’s. 

My Nana’s house is a safe place for me, because I can get away from people who I don’t  get along with during the day. I can also escape any personal problems I might be going through, and clear my head.  I was able to be myself without anybody judging me while I was at my Nana’s house. I could be goofy all the time and not have a care in the world. But at the same time, I would feel safe because I was protected by four walls. This home means a lot to me. Not only could I be myself, I had my family there with me. Every holiday my whole family would gather together at this house and we would enjoy each others company. On Christmas we would feast on a big meal around the dining room table and just laugh and enjoy the holiday. Or for Easter, my Nana would hide easter eggs inside and out of the house. I would look all over the house for the eggs, and get so excited when I found one. Memories like these make me want to relive my childhood and go back to that house and live there like I used to.

I chose my Great Grandmothers house as my “home” because of all the memories I had growing up there, and how safe I felt when I was younger. Like John Berger said, this home is “The Center of My World”. Recently, my nana has suffered dementia; its a disease that older people have, and they start to lose their memories. It’s hard for me to visit her at her house, because she is starting to forget the memories her and I made when I was younger. Ever since I moved to Springfield to attend UIS, I haven’t visited the house as often as I would like to. 

My Nana’s house was my sanctuary growing up. It wasn’t just a house to me, it was my home away from home. I always knew I could go there just to relax and get my mind off of whatever was bothering me. Now when I visit, I sit on the back porch and picture what life used to be like. I look over and see that my swing set, that I would spend hours and hours playing on, is gone. When I see my Great Grandpa mow the grass, I know that I can’t ride along with him anymore because I am too big. Even though some things are gone and in the past, that house holds the best memories of my life. I hope to own that house one day in the far future, so I can watch my kids grow up and enjoy the same memories I had, and maybe watch them make their own. My Nana’s house is the ‘Center of My World’ whats the center of yours?


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Home away from home

Athletes are born with an unlimited amount of ambition. Some may call it greed others call it sure determination. As athletes get older the only thing that runs through our mind is getting that illustrious ring! Whether it be a high school state championship, a college World Series ring or a Super Bowl. Other sports may have medals or trophies but the point remains the same, we all have one goal and one goal only. While in that particular sporting season or even in the off-season I strongly feel that every athlete feels at home when they are on his or her field, court, or diamond! Whether this is there only home or a secondary home, the number of hours spent on the field, court or diamond far out way the number of hours spent at home.

As a five year old my father introduced me to just an ordinary “fun” game that only took place on the weekends. I spent more time practicing this “game” and twice a week became three, and then four times a week. By the time I was nine years old, this became something more than just a field where I flew by the competition; it became a place where I escaped all the irrelevant stuff that filled my head back at home. The more time I spent away from “ home “ the easier it was for me to realize that everything home was supposed to be was happening to me on the baseball field. All the joy and comfort was coming from a dirt field. The sound of the aluminum making contact with the baseball and watching it sore through air made put my mind at ease and everything else in my life became secondary. When I entered my high school years I put more time into baseball and spent more time on the field than at home studying and spending time with my family. This caused animosity between siblings and parents regarding priorities, so what did I do to blow off steam? Went to the diamond and practiced.

After reading the first two paragraphs you may be under the impression that my first home has had a negative impact, which is totally wrong. The love and support that I receive on a daily basis from my family is through the roof. When I was at home a majority of my time was spent watching sitcoms. Most of the time I spent time watching “The Cosby Show”, seeing the siblings and how they interacted with each other. Reminded me of how alike my family is with the Cosby’s, each fight that I watched over the television was something that my family has went through as well, if it was about chores, or school work, even about how much sweets Theo and Rudy could have before dinner was served. All these arguments that took place on television for thousands of viewers to watch were of such great resemblance to those that took place at our own home! This provided a sense of closure to me that my family wasn’t so different from all the rest.

All the countless hours I spent on the diamond I strongly believe that it has made me a better man and helped me fix several personal problems. Baseball is a game of failure, if you can succeed three out of ten times in baseball you are considered a hall of famer. With all this time spent failing at something I love; it really taught me how to deal with adversity along with patience and how to overcome failure. Which are all qualities that shape me into becoming a better man and future husband to my family and kids in the very near future. Just like my parents have taught me a great deal at home so has the diamond. Now that I am a collegiate athlete each day I wake up and go workout then practice spending countless hours working on my craft and each new day that comes it never ceases to amaze me that I find a new reason to fall in love with the game all over again, reminding me every day that when I am on the diamond and playing this great game I truly do feel at home!

John Berger wrote in an essay on About.com stating that “The notion of home became the keystone for a code of domestic morality, safeguarding the property of the family”. I feel that the notion of home is not only safeguarding just your family but also what you hold dearest to you. In this case baseball, or the baseball diamond. Which is why I sincerely call this place a home or an “escape route” for me because of what all it has taught me, not only about the game itself but the way it has instilled some of life’s most valuable lessons. Sure my parents have instilled patience and overcoming adversity into my everyday life but if it weren’t for the hardships that a baseball diamond brought me, I do not think that I would have had any other way of experiencing those characteristics in a real life situation


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Sherman is the “center of my world”

The place that I view of as my home is my hometown of Sherman. I want you to look at the reasons why I think this and think about what may be the place you view of as home. Home is a vital place for everyone and you need a home in order to be successful.

Home is the place where you can grow as a person and find comfort and security at. I have always viewed the place that I think of as home to have these characteristics. John Berger, a highly regarded novelist, refers to home as “the center of the world”. I agree with Berger in that I believe that your home should be viewed to you as the center of the world and everything that happens in your life all leads back to the place you call home. Berger also states, “Without a home at the center of the real, one was not only shelterless, but also lost in nonbeing, in unreality”. I also agree with this statement, in that if you did not have a place at the center of your life where you found comfort and security, that you would feel unsheltered and lost. Without a home people would not be able to live their life to the fullest and they could not accomplish all of the goals they set out to achieve. They could not do this because people need a place to collect all of their thoughts and be at ease. In my mind people need a place to call their home, and this home should be the center of everything you do. The place I view as my home is my hometown of Sherman, Illinois because my friends and family all live here and the town has given me comfort and security in its own.

The relationship with my hometown of Sherman began when I moved back into Sherman, from Collinsville, when I was only five years old. Sherman is a small town with about 4,000 people occupying it. The relationship with my hometown has not always been the best, but now I could not view my home as anywhere else. At one point during my early high school career, I was uncomfortable with my hometown because I thought it was too boring and there was not enough going on in the town to keep me comfortable and entertained. I had not always liked living in a small town, because of the limited amount of activities and events available. I then realized that I did find the ultimate ease in my hometown after realizing all of the crimes and bad things that go on in different places. I also have experienced the world outside of my hometown more and more since I have gotten older and travelled more. These experiences always have me comparing the place I am visiting to my hometown, and there is not any place I would rather call my home. My hometown is a very safe and pleasant place and living here for almost 15 years has allowed me to get to know many of the people in my great town. I find it even more comforting knowing that I know many people in my town, while some people live in places where they barely know the person next door to them. I have begun to know more and more people and places around the state and I know that this town will always be what I view as my home.

My hometown of Sherman is a pretty small town. Sherman consists of a County Market, a Walgreens, a Family Video, and many small businesses. I work at a local business in Sherman, so I am directly connected to the community in many ways.  Our community has several smaller neighborhoods and one big neighborhood. The town has some cornfields in the surrounding area of the town and it is connected to several other small towns. Our community has a variety of age groups in it, there are a lot of younger people, but there are also older people that are involved in the community. Our hometown is growing significantly because of the increase of businesses and the success of our school, in academics and in athletics.

My friends and family is a big reason why I view Sherman as my home and I would not want it any other way.

My home town of Sherman has many advantages to it that allowed me to grow and feel comfortable. Finding comfort in something is when you can be yourself and allow yourself to be content in a certain situation. I never have lacked comfort in my hometown because of the friends and family I have had around me. We have many local businesses that allow the community members to stay local and have the convenience of staying near their homes. We also have a park in our town where many people, including my friends and I, would gather to play soccer and a variety of other activities. I find comfort in this park, because I know I could always go there and have a good time with my friends. There is also no traffic in my town, which you learn to appreciate greatly when you visit a big town like Chicago. I also find security in knowing many of the people in my town and I appreciate how kind our community is. Security means feeling safe and protected in a certain situation or environment that you are in. Being in a small town, I have always felt the security in knowing the local police and knowing many of the community members. Many people in our community donate to our local schools and are very involved in helping out the community in any way they can. My hometown is very involved in making our town as good as it can be and as welcoming and friendly as possible to all of our community members. My friends and most of my family also live in Sherman or in one of the connecting towns, which gives me more happiness when I am there.


My town of Sherman is a very friendly community and everyone looks out for each other.

I have learned to appreciate my hometown more and more since starting college. Sherman is still where I live and it is also still the center of my world. I believe that my hometown has given me the opportunities to become successful in anything that I may strive for. Sherman has allowed me to grow as a person and learn quality life skills, like how to appreciate the place you grew up at and everything that you encountered at this place. The small separation that I have experienced since enrolling in college has also allowed me to reflect on everything that my home has provided for me. I believe the town I grew up in, the community I lived in, and the school I went to have propelled me well on my way to a successful future. The separation has caused me to greater appreciate my hometown of Sherman and everyone that makes my community such a great place to live in. Just like Berger, I believe that my hometown of Sherman is the center of my world. I am in Sherman every day, as I still live at home, and I really enjoy the relationship between myself and my home. My hometown of Sherman is vital for me to be successful in the real world and my home definitely has a positive effect on my life.

I recommend you to think about what you view your home is and why you view that place as your home. Does your idea of home relate to my idea of home?


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