Practice Post: By; Malik Nailing-Yamini



I have always had an interest in the growth and care of all living things, my particular interest is in plants. This technically began with my grandmother’s garden which I remember visiting every day when I was young. It re-inspired a love of plants, I experimented with new techniques, including some which were bad techniques, proper tool usage, and plant health basics. I further developed these skills by reading library books on plants and gardening, taking agricultural classes at school, as well as listening to advice from my foster uncle who is a farmer. As in life, I believe ideal growth involves an understanding and connection to each plant.

My greatest enjoyment for growing things started ever since the first sunflower I grew when I was three. It was the first time I had grown anything by myself, however I was sad when I killed it by overwatering it and giving it too much fertilizer. But my confidence grew from that day and it wasn’t until years later that I say another. It reminded my Even when angry and sad I always had a desire to grow something. Specifically something I could grow in order to take care of. Back when my grandmother was alive and I was able to visit her, I saw she had her own garden.

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