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Stripped awning. Has different colors but the same patterns at the one in the essay.

Stripped awning. Has different colors but the same patterns at the one in the essay.

Although I have identified with many places as home there is one specific place that I will always think of when I think of home. This particular place is a five bedroom house located on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois. It is on a block in the center of a busy neighborhood. It had a long wooden porch with a stripped blue and orange awning. The front door was white with a gold door knob. There were always two green lawn chairs on the right side of the porch and three tall plants on the left. The living room was very big with one couch on each side and a small table in the middle, across from the table was a big TV and entertainment center. After the living room was the bathroom. The bathroom was very small with blue and white stripped tiles in the floor and blue and white decorations adorned the sink, toilet and walls. Across from the bathroom was the room I shared with my older sister. The room was pink and green with a bulk bed to the right and the TV and closet were across the from the bulk bed. The room after ours belonged to my two older brothers. Their room was blue and white the two beds in the center. The floor was covered with a dark gray rug. There was a TV and a play station sitting in front of the two beds. Next, was my grandmother’s room which was the biggest room in the house and was filled with old pictures and had a lot of cassette tapes on the night stand across from the bed in the center of the room. Lastly, the kitchen was in the back of the house. There was a wooden table in the center of the kitchen and a hard wood floor which had a rug in front of the sink and refrigerator.

I relate to this house as home because my family and I lived in this house for ten years and we shared a lot of memories in this house. The first things that were learned we had learned while living in this house. My siblings and I were always influenced to read or do something that would lead us into learning something new. We always came home from school to share ideas with the people around us. Because we lived in this house for so long and we were a close family we spent a lot of time inside doing different activities with each other such as watching TV, dancing, or playing cards. It always felt that since we lived there for so long this house had brought my family together. This house brought my family together because we spent so much time there anyone who came over was treated as family even if they weren’t. Also I relate to this house as home because the people in the neighborhood were like family to me, and when we moved out of the house into another neighborhood it was as if we had abandoned all of our memories. I think this happened because this particular house was significant to my family history because we have lived there for so long.

In addition, I relate to this house as home because it was my grandmother’s first house of her own and it was passed down to her children when she died. This is significant to my relationship to this house as home because this house had always been in my family and was expected to be passed down to her grandchildren.  Lastly, this is significant to my relationship with this house as home because my grandmother had raised my mother’s children and my cousins in that house.






Many people will identify different places as home but this particular house is significant to me because I have many family memories there, I learned most of the things that I know there, and it is in a city where my grandparents moved to improve the lives of the ones who were to come in the future.



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