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“Home is the center of the world” marked Berger in his internet article about homes. Berger is certainly right, home is the center of your own world. To me, home is where your heart lays. Home is like a safe zone or like a safe haven. Home should be a place where you feel most comfortable and you can face or even escape all of your problems in life. For myself, I would consider the baseball field and my bedroom to be my home. My bedroom is my safe haven, I can go there feel comfortable and I can face all the problems I am having. On the other end, the baseball field lets me escape all the problems I have and I feel the most comfort there. Certainly, my bedroom and the baseball field is considered to be my homes.

My bedroom is not very big in size, but it certainly is large in my heart. It has my bed in the very center, with a nightstand right by its side. There is a desk in front of my bed about 5 feet away. There is a closet that is on the other side of the room from my bed. I always sleep on the right side of my bed no matter what. It is a spot that I have made that makes me most comfortable at night. My room smells like what some people call “boy”. The result in me coming home from athletics and training has made my room a little bit stinky. My room is almost always silent. The one exception would be my bed, when I hop in it at night it squeak. With every subtle movement I have at it, my bed would squeak for a couple of minuets.

Second place is the baseball field, which is a little bit less complex. Baseball field has four bases 90 feet apart in a diamond shape. Dirt on the infield and grass in the outfield, the freshly cut grass certainly smells a lot better than the dirt. It varies by day but it can be calm or windy out, a calm sunny day is the perfect day you want to be out on the baseball diamond. The sun sparkles on the dirt, it gives the grass a beautiful warm smell and feeling. The feeling when you are in the dugout overlooking the field gives you a warm, tingly feeling inside you signaling that you are at home.

My homes defiantly intertwine with more than just me. My relationship with home is usual because having a bedroom or athletic field signify home is typical. My bedroom is also a place where I get my studies done. The desk in front of my bed is where I do all of my school work and is another place where I can lock in on one thing (which is school work). The field in a way helps me with my studies as well. Being apart of a professional- like program has taught me how to carry myself and how to get work done effectively on and off the field. In general the baseball field lets me escape my problems because once I step foot on the field or in the dugout, its all baseball business and that is the only thing I can focus on. In my bedroom on the other hand, I could have a million things flying around in my head, but that is the place where I can take care of those problems. A relationship with my teammates or my desk and chair are some of the narrower relationships that exist in this broader relationship with home. Broader relationships are not difficult to maintain because it is the smaller ones that help with the broader relationship.

In Berger’s internet article about homes, he mentions “home is the center of the world”. To me, this is true. Home should be the center of your own world, maybe not the entire world. Home is a place you should feel comfortable, where you can face or escape all of your problems. It also should be a place where you are most comfortable being yourself. Home is where you can also have people who care about you and you care about them, it is basically a place of comfort. It does reveal something about peoples strengths, weakness, or needs because the persons type of home usually reflects who they are. At the baseball diamond I have teammates that care for me, or at home I have family members that love me. I can escape and forget all of my problems at the baseball diamond. Usually before practice and games before I do whatever I am doing, I take my hat off and that indicates that I am locked in and have every other issue blocked out. At home in my bedroom is where I can ponder about my problems and evaluate them. It is a place where I can just relax and go to in times of need. Certainly, those two places are at the center of my world because my life revolves around them, and I will always go to them. What keeps these relationships going is the love for what goes on inside them and how they make me feel when I go to them.


In conclusion, I would most defiantly classify those two places under my definition of homes. Home is a place where I can face or escape my problems and these two places do that for me. They are of easy access to me, so they are always reliable places to go to. Also, they have people there that actually care for me and they will always help me because in someway we are all family. These places make me feel safe and I can be myself when I am there, and it is the best feeling in the world. I would certainly classify these two places as very important to me and that is why I can easily call them my homes.

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  1. astev7 says:

    I enjoyed reading this essay, because you put a lot of detail when explaining the places that are home to you. I also think it’s a unique approach by talking about two different places being your “home”. The opening quote that you use in your introduction goes well with your opening statement, because of how you follow it up afterwords. I can agree with you when you said, “Home is like a safe zone or like a safe haven. Home should be a place where you feel most comfortable and you can face or even escape all of your problems in life.” I agree with this statement one hundred percent, because I included the same explanation in my paper as well.

  2. sbond8 says:

    i like how you focused on making sure home was the center of your world and somewhere that makes you comfortable. A bedroom seems like a very good idea for a place to be labeled as home. Its somewhere you spend a lot of time and grow up in so I can definitely relate to the feeling of being comfortable and having that feeling of being at home in your own room.

  3. jmoore42 says:

    I like how you related home to a safe zone or a safe heaven. Good description of you bedroom. I could picture a little image of what it would look like as you described it. I enjoyed reading your essay and I think that is was very creative to use the quote “Home is where the heart is” because that is a common saying that a lot of people use but no one really explains what it the significance of it is. Also, I agree with your idea that home is a place where you can escape your problems because I feel that my home that I wrote about in my essay is the same for me. Good essay. I’m sure your revision will be even better.

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