Sherman is the “center of my world”

The place that I view of as my home is my hometown of Sherman. I want you to look at the reasons why I think this and think about what may be the place you view of as home. Home is a vital place for everyone and you need a home in order to be successful.

Home is the place where you can grow as a person and find comfort and security at. I have always viewed the place that I think of as home to have these characteristics. John Berger, a highly regarded novelist, refers to home as “the center of the world”. I agree with Berger in that I believe that your home should be viewed to you as the center of the world and everything that happens in your life all leads back to the place you call home. Berger also states, “Without a home at the center of the real, one was not only shelterless, but also lost in nonbeing, in unreality”. I also agree with this statement, in that if you did not have a place at the center of your life where you found comfort and security, that you would feel unsheltered and lost. Without a home people would not be able to live their life to the fullest and they could not accomplish all of the goals they set out to achieve. They could not do this because people need a place to collect all of their thoughts and be at ease. In my mind people need a place to call their home, and this home should be the center of everything you do. The place I view as my home is my hometown of Sherman, Illinois because my friends and family all live here and the town has given me comfort and security in its own.

The relationship with my hometown of Sherman began when I moved back into Sherman, from Collinsville, when I was only five years old. Sherman is a small town with about 4,000 people occupying it. The relationship with my hometown has not always been the best, but now I could not view my home as anywhere else. At one point during my early high school career, I was uncomfortable with my hometown because I thought it was too boring and there was not enough going on in the town to keep me comfortable and entertained. I had not always liked living in a small town, because of the limited amount of activities and events available. I then realized that I did find the ultimate ease in my hometown after realizing all of the crimes and bad things that go on in different places. I also have experienced the world outside of my hometown more and more since I have gotten older and travelled more. These experiences always have me comparing the place I am visiting to my hometown, and there is not any place I would rather call my home. My hometown is a very safe and pleasant place and living here for almost 15 years has allowed me to get to know many of the people in my great town. I find it even more comforting knowing that I know many people in my town, while some people live in places where they barely know the person next door to them. I have begun to know more and more people and places around the state and I know that this town will always be what I view as my home.

My hometown of Sherman is a pretty small town. Sherman consists of a County Market, a Walgreens, a Family Video, and many small businesses. I work at a local business in Sherman, so I am directly connected to the community in many ways.  Our community has several smaller neighborhoods and one big neighborhood. The town has some cornfields in the surrounding area of the town and it is connected to several other small towns. Our community has a variety of age groups in it, there are a lot of younger people, but there are also older people that are involved in the community. Our hometown is growing significantly because of the increase of businesses and the success of our school, in academics and in athletics.

My friends and family is a big reason why I view Sherman as my home and I would not want it any other way.

My home town of Sherman has many advantages to it that allowed me to grow and feel comfortable. Finding comfort in something is when you can be yourself and allow yourself to be content in a certain situation. I never have lacked comfort in my hometown because of the friends and family I have had around me. We have many local businesses that allow the community members to stay local and have the convenience of staying near their homes. We also have a park in our town where many people, including my friends and I, would gather to play soccer and a variety of other activities. I find comfort in this park, because I know I could always go there and have a good time with my friends. There is also no traffic in my town, which you learn to appreciate greatly when you visit a big town like Chicago. I also find security in knowing many of the people in my town and I appreciate how kind our community is. Security means feeling safe and protected in a certain situation or environment that you are in. Being in a small town, I have always felt the security in knowing the local police and knowing many of the community members. Many people in our community donate to our local schools and are very involved in helping out the community in any way they can. My hometown is very involved in making our town as good as it can be and as welcoming and friendly as possible to all of our community members. My friends and most of my family also live in Sherman or in one of the connecting towns, which gives me more happiness when I am there.


My town of Sherman is a very friendly community and everyone looks out for each other.

I have learned to appreciate my hometown more and more since starting college. Sherman is still where I live and it is also still the center of my world. I believe that my hometown has given me the opportunities to become successful in anything that I may strive for. Sherman has allowed me to grow as a person and learn quality life skills, like how to appreciate the place you grew up at and everything that you encountered at this place. The small separation that I have experienced since enrolling in college has also allowed me to reflect on everything that my home has provided for me. I believe the town I grew up in, the community I lived in, and the school I went to have propelled me well on my way to a successful future. The separation has caused me to greater appreciate my hometown of Sherman and everyone that makes my community such a great place to live in. Just like Berger, I believe that my hometown of Sherman is the center of my world. I am in Sherman every day, as I still live at home, and I really enjoy the relationship between myself and my home. My hometown of Sherman is vital for me to be successful in the real world and my home definitely has a positive effect on my life.

I recommend you to think about what you view your home is and why you view that place as your home. Does your idea of home relate to my idea of home?


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