Six families in a dark brown apartment building.

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Have you ever watched a reality television show? Families fighting or making up with each other, even pushing each other in their million dollar pools! This is detrimental as reality shows do not show what the real definition of an American home is; instead, television producers create a false cognitive framework to mislead culture.

My home does not have a million dollar pool, or even more than one bedroom. Home for myself is Chicago, Illinois. It is the dark brown apartment building which has six different families, apartment 2A. This one bedroom apartment has been changed into three; the living room is my little sister’s bedroom, and the dining room is my older sister and her baby girl’s bedroom. Even though our home isn’t television-worthy, it still works for us and is a place I feel safe.

Think back to what made your home your home. How was it created, or influenced by media? The relationship between the world of television and the regular world is demonstrated through a dynamic triangle which depends on each other to survive. The three main points of this triangle consists of the producers, televisions and homes. Producers create scripts that they feel are important for American television so that they can influence the homeowners about what they feel the ideal home is. Indirectly television producers (and mass media influence our idea of home. They don’t have people depicting what they can write and cannot write so why should they be able to depict what we feel a home should feel like.

Without us questioning the producers they will continue to do what they have been doing. They show what they want to show even if it mean that have to cut some of the most important details. We are allowing them to continue making shows and gain a higher profit if we just sit back and watch what they show our loved one.

Let’s use the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as an example. For those of you who don’t know the show it’s a show that display what happens at the family home. Based mostly of what the producer want to show most of which are cut short and/or missing important details. One time the showed the mother and the father ageing leaving us to guess the reason why they were arguing because they failed to include what they were arguing in the first place. With the show being a reality show about a specific family they depend on each other to survive and make a profit. If the family were to leave they would no longer have a show about that specific family and would cause them to have to think of a new approach to making some type of a profit. Where if the cameraman with their cameras were to leave there would simply be no show. The Kardashian family would be able to live a less difficult life and have a little more privacy.

Why should we let the producers depict what a home looks and feels like? We cannot look to a prerecorded home for the definition of what a home is. One should to gain the knowledge of what they believe a home is based on their heart. We need to take back the power. We need to look in to media literacy and see why they do the things that they do how they get away with it so that we can work to get the real definition of our homes back to what it need to be. What is shown on TV is way different than what happens in real life homes. Almost all families don’t have camera men in our everyday lives, recording their every move. They don’t have people depicting what they can and cannot say. Families that are being recorded every moment from the time they wake up to the time they lay to rest cannot be the real person they want to be when they are at home. So why should we allow producers chose what a home is without getting paid.

My home is a dark brown building on the south side of Chicago.  It has three floors and is known as an apartment building but it is also known as home from myself. Although it houses 6 different families, the one that is most important is mine. Home should be a place where one can be happy and relaxed. We all know that being away from the place for a long period of time cause homesickness. My advice for you is to stay positive and schedule a time when you actually can go home even if it just for a weekend. One weekend can release so much stress trust me. Until then stay positive. Feel free to comment about how you feel you home has be influenced by media. Or just comment about what you miss most about your home.


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2 Responses to Six families in a dark brown apartment building.

  1. tnash4 says:

    I thought it was very good that you connected the Kardiasians family to your your way of describing your home and the differences between the two. You feel safe and positive where you feel home which is the best thing. You home is actually your home and I find it good that you compare it to another home that is wealthy instead of like the people in those homes.

  2. mnail2 says:

    I really like the contrasting of family’s with wealth to hers, in order to further support her idea of home. It indicates a wholesome feel and idea of home.

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