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“Home is the center of the world” marked Berger in his internet article about homes. Berger is certainly right, home is the center of your own world. To me, home is where your heart lays. Home is like a safe zone or like a safe haven. Home should be a place where you feel most comfortable and you can face or even escape all of your problems in life. For myself, I would consider the baseball field and my bedroom to be my home. My bedroom is my safe haven, I can go there feel comfortable and I can face all the problems I am having. On the other end, the baseball field lets me escape all the problems I have and I feel the most comfort there. Certainly, my bedroom and the baseball field is considered to be my homes.

My bedroom is not very big in size, but it certainly is large in my heart. It has my bed in the very center, with a nightstand right by its side. There is a desk in front of my bed about 5 feet away. There is a closet that is on the other side of the room from my bed. I always sleep on the right side of my bed no matter what. It is a spot that I have made that makes me most comfortable at night. My room smells like what some people call “boy”. The result in me coming home from athletics and training has made my room a little bit stinky. My room is almost always silent. The one exception would be my bed, when I hop in it at night it squeak. With every subtle movement I have at it, my bed would squeak for a couple of minuets.

Second place is the baseball field, which is a little bit less complex. Baseball field has four bases 90 feet apart in a diamond shape. Dirt on the infield and grass in the outfield, the freshly cut grass certainly smells a lot better than the dirt. It varies by day but it can be calm or windy out, a calm sunny day is the perfect day you want to be out on the baseball diamond. The sun sparkles on the dirt, it gives the grass a beautiful warm smell and feeling. The feeling when you are in the dugout overlooking the field gives you a warm, tingly feeling inside you signaling that you are at home.

My homes defiantly intertwine with more than just me. My relationship with home is usual because having a bedroom or athletic field signify home is typical. My bedroom is also a place where I get my studies done. The desk in front of my bed is where I do all of my school work and is another place where I can lock in on one thing (which is school work). The field in a way helps me with my studies as well. Being apart of a professional- like program has taught me how to carry myself and how to get work done effectively on and off the field. In general the baseball field lets me escape my problems because once I step foot on the field or in the dugout, its all baseball business and that is the only thing I can focus on. In my bedroom on the other hand, I could have a million things flying around in my head, but that is the place where I can take care of those problems. A relationship with my teammates or my desk and chair are some of the narrower relationships that exist in this broader relationship with home. Broader relationships are not difficult to maintain because it is the smaller ones that help with the broader relationship.

In Berger’s internet article about homes, he mentions “home is the center of the world”. To me, this is true. Home should be the center of your own world, maybe not the entire world. Home is a place you should feel comfortable, where you can face or escape all of your problems. It also should be a place where you are most comfortable being yourself. Home is where you can also have people who care about you and you care about them, it is basically a place of comfort. It does reveal something about peoples strengths, weakness, or needs because the persons type of home usually reflects who they are. At the baseball diamond I have teammates that care for me, or at home I have family members that love me. I can escape and forget all of my problems at the baseball diamond. Usually before practice and games before I do whatever I am doing, I take my hat off and that indicates that I am locked in and have every other issue blocked out. At home in my bedroom is where I can ponder about my problems and evaluate them. It is a place where I can just relax and go to in times of need. Certainly, those two places are at the center of my world because my life revolves around them, and I will always go to them. What keeps these relationships going is the love for what goes on inside them and how they make me feel when I go to them.


In conclusion, I would most defiantly classify those two places under my definition of homes. Home is a place where I can face or escape my problems and these two places do that for me. They are of easy access to me, so they are always reliable places to go to. Also, they have people there that actually care for me and they will always help me because in someway we are all family. These places make me feel safe and I can be myself when I am there, and it is the best feeling in the world. I would certainly classify these two places as very important to me and that is why I can easily call them my homes.

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Blog about Home

Volleyball is not just a sport for me. For me it is a way of life, a stress reliever, a solid work out but most importantly it is home for me. Volleyball gives me that sense of purpose in life, a togetherness feeling that comes from my teammates. Volleyball has given me that feeling of home since around sixth grade, when I first got involved in the sport. It quickly accelerated when I began high school though when I started playing club volleyball at Sports Performance Volleyball Club. Sports Performance Volleyball Club is based out of Aurora, Illinois at the Great Lakes Center. The Great Lakes Center is hard to miss when driving down the road, a very long white and blue building with the words “Great Lakes Volleyball Center” engraved onto the front. The Great Lakes Center has sections. One building for the upper level College-Prep group and another more colorful building for the Youth Program. Once inside one will see what seems to be like an unending amount of volleyball courts. In the main gym there are eight courts and in the Youth Program gym there is four. Benches and bleachers line the courts and scoreboards are hung on the back walls of the court where the court numbers are located as well. One might think that a long gym would not be someones ideal thought of being “Home” but for me I found a home playing the sport I love while being pushed by my coaches and teammates to be the best I could be.
Ask anyone that played club volleyball with me at Sport Performance and it will be the same answer, that we feel that it is similar to being in the army. Everyone imagines that being in the army is very strict and hard because of the physical demands. We felt that with whats demanded of us was similar. The rules the players have to follow and the amount of hours we spend striving for perfection. All just to achieve one thing, becoming a collegiate athlete
I was involved in many sports growing up, tennis, golf, and soccer but nothing really caught me as much as volleyball did. I loved the fast pace aspect of the game and how it always kept me on my toes; literally. I would take volleyball lessons when I first started playing. The first time I was involved with a team was in 7th grade at my middle school. I played in both 7th and 8th grade but when I got to high school focusing on really improving in my volleyball skill level became more important. If I wanted to continue in the program at my high school, you always had to be playing and improving. No off-season if you wanted to get better to make the team the following year.
Sports Performance felt like a home to me because everyone there was knit into one big family, bonded by one thing: volleyball. We all had a passion for the game. The coaches loved to share their years of coaching to help the players achieve their goals and the coaches had the backs of their players similar to how parents take care of their kids. All the players from my club would all feel that we were one big “Sports Performance family”. We would all want to be anywhere but the gym if we had a tough practice but when all was good, there was nowhere we’d rather be than all together playing the sport we loved.

Many people consider home to be somewhere they fall asleep at night with their family around and neighbors next door but to me I have found a home in playing volleyball at Sports Performance. I feel most at home when I am on the court surrounded by my teammates, with my jersey on, and the crowd cheering loud. With the countless hours I spent at practices and matches people would eventually start to ask if I lived there. “Are you ever not playing volleyball”. , they would ask. Many of my teammates felt that Sports Performance was a second home because we spent more time there than our own homes. Practice would be almost every day of the week for almost 4 hours. Our weekends would be booked all day with long tournaments. I lived and breathed volleyball during club season. My days always revolved around volleyball, if I wasn’t at practice I would be at school or sleeping. The volleyball mindset was always on, thinking about what will go on at practice or so pumped for the next tournament. With all the time we spent together, my teammates were basically my sisters. We were there for each other at our worst and at the best times. I had made lifelong friendships with these girls. We all struggled through the same things and were there for each other when we worked together to win a great match.

Volleyball has always been a huge aspect in my life. With the rules and amount of time we needed to put in I was never really away from “home” that much. Besides summer and high school season I was never truly that far from home. Even when i was i would miss it. I would miss the times spent with my fellow teammates, even miss the days where you couldn’t move because practice was so hard. It was all worth it in the end looking back and seeing the improvement over time and the bonds everyone would build. Going away for college truly showed how much I missed home. Little details that would remind me of how it used to be. Things just didn’t seem the same without spending every day, and every night working hard in that gym, on those courts. I certainly made me upset at the days i took “home” for granted.
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This sense of home I have found in playing volleyball at Sports Performance is something that has developed from the countless hours spent in the gym working my butt off to achieve where i am today. Living my dream of being a college athlete. Everyone likes to move forward in something they love and being given that chance to do so while surrounded by amazing teammates has made volleyball but mostly Sports Performance a home for me. A place I feel comfortable in and can be myself and be supported in all that I do.

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Blog about Home



According to John Ed Pearce “Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.” Having a beauty shop as a family’s business has always been beneficial. Although my grandmother’s shop has ultimately come to include only family members as beauticians, I would go to the beauty shop every day, not only because it was a workplace for my parents, but because it was an family establishment.

Stepping into the beauty salon you would notice the light blue walls. Mirrors were spaciously hanging on the wall, accordingly to every station, so that the client could see what beauticians were doing. Each station also had a variety of hair products, including hair spray; shine serums, flat irons, and combs. Unique to the shop was the scent which was more like a burnt smell that surfaced from the flat iron stoves where the flat irons would lay. Client’s chairs were shaped as boats, black boats in particular the comfortable and bouncy chairs were made out of leather. The beautician’s had chairs as well; the chairs rolled and lifted up and down like a computer chair, so that when sitting, the beautician could see. There were mats behind each of the client’s chair to catch the hair that was cut so it would be easier for it to be swept up. In the far back of the salon, would be a seating area. The bowls where client’s hair was to be washed were there as well. There was also a locker room/break area in the back of the salon where the beauticians could place their belongings.

My home is not where I sleep and not where I genially stay at night but it is a place where I am most comfortable. When I was young and I did not like the beauty shop environment because I was forced to sit there. I was forced to stay because babysitters were hard to find at the time. However, since I was the granddaughter of the shop’s owner, I could pretty much do anything I liked which became the perks of staying. I felt special to be able to answer the phone or even make runs for the stylists. My favorite part of the day was answering the phone saying “Hi Full Control Hair Designs may I help you?” Everyone who called knew and recognized my voice, so we would begin to have personal conversations. These moments made me feel as though I was an employee. I felt special because I was apart of the salon itself.

Just like Miranda Ward version of home described in On Not Writing About Home, our actual home was not conveyed as home to us. Another similar thing I noticed between these two essays was the fact that we both related back to one specific moment in our life that reminded us of that version of home. The last thing that I notice that was in common with my essay was that the person in the story hated the place they called home but loved it too. They basically described that home is not home, its mine but not mine, and complicated yet not complicated. I feel as though it connected to me because the beauty shop is mine but not mine, it is my home but not actually my home, and of course it complicated but not so complicated to understand that this is the place where we consider home and love to be. Memories are field at this place of home.

A time I can remember was when I first got a chance to work on an actual client’s head. I became the shampoo lady. The shampoo lady gets called when the beautician needs them to shampoo the customer’s hair. As I was washing her hair, I felt a nervous, but excited sense in my stomach. What I felt was not the typical type of physical sense, but emotional; it was the sense of being where I belonged. I loved being there. It felt like home! The legacy began. I knew this would be apart of me for the rest of my life because I felt it; I felt home.


922256e54ba617ac482b7bc7b8792f3cAll the great things the salon had to offer and the best times I shared as a kid began just by the answering of the salon’s telephone. What was part of my life for 20 years ended when I got accepted to The University of Illinois Springfield. I now miss the burnt hair smell, the hair on the floor that needed to be swept, the ringing telephone that needed to be answered, the clients who needed there hair washed because the stylist needs help with various of clients lined up, etc. All of these memories became appealing to me. Now as I grow older, my liking to do hair, just like the other members of my family, has become an interest of mine. Now that I am in college away from home, I cannot wait to return so that I can relive the beauty shop experience again. Although I still pursue this interest where I am, the sense of being “home” is what I miss.

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Blog About Home.

Jessica Moore

English 101

Section E

Relationships Project


Stripped awning. Has different colors but the same patterns at the one in the essay.

Stripped awning. Has different colors but the same patterns at the one in the essay.

Although I have identified with many places as home there is one specific place that I will always think of when I think of home. This particular place is a five bedroom house located on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois. It is on a block in the center of a busy neighborhood. It had a long wooden porch with a stripped blue and orange awning. The front door was white with a gold door knob. There were always two green lawn chairs on the right side of the porch and three tall plants on the left. The living room was very big with one couch on each side and a small table in the middle, across from the table was a big TV and entertainment center. After the living room was the bathroom. The bathroom was very small with blue and white stripped tiles in the floor and blue and white decorations adorned the sink, toilet and walls. Across from the bathroom was the room I shared with my older sister. The room was pink and green with a bulk bed to the right and the TV and closet were across the from the bulk bed. The room after ours belonged to my two older brothers. Their room was blue and white the two beds in the center. The floor was covered with a dark gray rug. There was a TV and a play station sitting in front of the two beds. Next, was my grandmother’s room which was the biggest room in the house and was filled with old pictures and had a lot of cassette tapes on the night stand across from the bed in the center of the room. Lastly, the kitchen was in the back of the house. There was a wooden table in the center of the kitchen and a hard wood floor which had a rug in front of the sink and refrigerator.

I relate to this house as home because my family and I lived in this house for ten years and we shared a lot of memories in this house. The first things that were learned we had learned while living in this house. My siblings and I were always influenced to read or do something that would lead us into learning something new. We always came home from school to share ideas with the people around us. Because we lived in this house for so long and we were a close family we spent a lot of time inside doing different activities with each other such as watching TV, dancing, or playing cards. It always felt that since we lived there for so long this house had brought my family together. This house brought my family together because we spent so much time there anyone who came over was treated as family even if they weren’t. Also I relate to this house as home because the people in the neighborhood were like family to me, and when we moved out of the house into another neighborhood it was as if we had abandoned all of our memories. I think this happened because this particular house was significant to my family history because we have lived there for so long.

In addition, I relate to this house as home because it was my grandmother’s first house of her own and it was passed down to her children when she died. This is significant to my relationship to this house as home because this house had always been in my family and was expected to be passed down to her grandchildren.  Lastly, this is significant to my relationship with this house as home because my grandmother had raised my mother’s children and my cousins in that house.






Many people will identify different places as home but this particular house is significant to me because I have many family memories there, I learned most of the things that I know there, and it is in a city where my grandparents moved to improve the lives of the ones who were to come in the future.



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My Home Is WHAT???

My thought process for the Relationships project was similar to my thought process for the Remembering Project.  First, I sat down and turned on music to get my thoughts flowing. Then I began to think about what I call home. I made a list of what I thought was home. I did a list for five minutes and I had a reoccurring list of two things: Family and Food. So I did some more brainstorming on family and food. I made a list of what comes to mind when I think about the two subjects, and I did that for another ten minutes. Once those ten minutes were up, I began to start my paper. I thought of a cleaver attention grabber and I was set. I made my attention grabber, “When I think of home its two things that come to mind: Family and food.” I made this my attention grabber because I felt that it explained my whole essay in a whole. Then I had to make choose what I wanted to talk about first, family or food. I chose to talk about family first because I had more to talk about, but I had no clue what to talk about first so I decided to talk about my family having our traditional weekend get-together and me leaving home. Once I got that out the way, I began to talk about the food we have at our get-togethers and then I connected myself leaving the nest and going to sdownloadchool to find a new home to the article by Berger, where he explained his definition of home. I then wrapped up my essay with a reflection of what my home meant to me and how it has helped me to this day.

Some difficulties I encountered with my essay was basically not knowing what to talk about first. I made a list of things I wanted to talk about, but I still did not know how I wanted to structure my paper. I knew the things I wanted to talk about, but I did not know what I wanted to talk about first. I had to decide which topic was more important to me. Once I chose to go with family all my problems were solved and I was finished with my paper with no problem. Also, when I originally did the relationships essay I did not know that we needed to incorporate a quote into the paper, so I left my quote out. When I went to revising my paper, I had a hard time choosing where to input the quote. Once I finally found a quote that I felt suited my paper from the Berger’s article, I had to determine where it fit best. I chose the quote, “Originally home meant the center of the world–not in a geographical, but in an ontological sense” and I chose to put this quote in my second paragraph where I explained my definition of home.Difficulty-road-sign

My research helped me with my paper. When writing my paper and reading the additional readings, I found that I connected with the article by Berger titled The Meaning of Home. I found it easy to connect to this article because it explained that there is no final definition of what home. This explained my essay completely because I don’t have a definition of home I have two words that describe what I think when it comes to home. Moreover, I connected with Berger because he had a way of explaining his way of thinking and I used his form of writing about home to explain my way of thinking for home. I made my definition of what I think about when it comes to home and I explained how my definition evolved, just as he did. For this reason, I feel as though the research portion of the relationships essay helped me format my paper.research_2

When I began to revise my paper, I started with the things that my peers and professor suggested. For example, in my rough draft it stated, “My mother always was the type of person to make sure that when he kids, my download (1)sister and I, were feeling comfortable in the home” I revised it in my draft so that it stated,” My mother was always the type of person to make sure that her kids, my sister and I, were feeling comfortable in the home.” I changed it to say things this way because I felt my original sentence was hard to understand, so I changed it so that it stated “My mother was always the type” which made the sentence flow better. I also changed the sentence in my draft that stated, “My mother would randomly but movies and snacks and we would have a random movie or she would buy graham crackers and marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate and we would have a s’ mores night” to state, “My mother would host random movie nights with new movies and delicious snacks or she would buy graham crackers and marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate and we would have a s’ mores night.”  I changed my sentence as this because one of my peer revisers gave me this suggestion since my paper seemed choppy in this state of the paragraph. I feel like the way I ended up revising this sentence made my thought better understood to the audience. In my rough draft my sentence stated,” I realized that she did things like this in order for us to have these memories when we think about going home”, I changed this sentence to say,” I realized that she did things like this in order for us to have memories when we would think about going home when we missed it.” I changed this sentence this way to make it clear that my mother hosted events like this so that my sister and I could have memories about what she did when we were away from home and we missed it. In my essay I did not have a quote embedded so, I added a quote to my second essay so that it went from saying, “Although it was only my mother and sister in the house the sense of comfort I felt while there was what made it home. My mother was always the type of person to make sure that her kids, my sister and I, were feeling comfortable in the home”  to stating, “Although it was only my mother and sister in the house the sense of comfort I felt while there was what made it home. Berger stated in an article, “Originally home meant the center of the world–not in a geographical, but in an ontological sense.”  My mother was always the type of person to make sure that her kids, my sister and I, were feeling comfortable in the home.” After making these few revisions to my paper I felt as though it was better than the rough draft.

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Practice Post



This is my practice post with a picture.

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Practice Post Johnson, Justin


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Practice Post-Shelby Green

“I greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief.”(Marianne Williamson)                              Tulips

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Practice Post: By; Malik Nailing-Yamini



I have always had an interest in the growth and care of all living things, my particular interest is in plants. This technically began with my grandmother’s garden which I remember visiting every day when I was young. It re-inspired a love of plants, I experimented with new techniques, including some which were bad techniques, proper tool usage, and plant health basics. I further developed these skills by reading library books on plants and gardening, taking agricultural classes at school, as well as listening to advice from my foster uncle who is a farmer. As in life, I believe ideal growth involves an understanding and connection to each plant.

My greatest enjoyment for growing things started ever since the first sunflower I grew when I was three. It was the first time I had grown anything by myself, however I was sad when I killed it by overwatering it and giving it too much fertilizer. But my confidence grew from that day and it wasn’t until years later that I say another. It reminded my Even when angry and sad I always had a desire to grow something. Specifically something I could grow in order to take care of. Back when my grandmother was alive and I was able to visit her, I saw she had her own garden.

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Practice Post

sarah bond

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