Get on-board the Twitter train

When Twitter first came out, some people loved it and some loved to not like it. Is it necessary to be so infatuated with a person that you want to know their every thought? Well, Twitter has evolved to something beyond reading about how celebrities feel about last night’s episode of The Bachelor. Twitter is being used by professors at universities all over the world, and is really proving itself to be an effective communication tool.

With its free cost and growing popularity, Twitter can be used by professors to communicate with students and promote more involvement and interaction with class material. Make announcements, brainstorm topics, share websites and information, or follow current events and leaders across the world.

In addition, apps can be used in conjunction with Twitter to facilitate communication between group projects, poll others for feedback, keep notes and tweets together, and much more. Twitter boasts a variety of tools, apps, and opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Check out the links below for more tips on how to integrate Twitter into your classes.


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