5 ways you can use…Clickers!

TurningPoint is an audience response system allowing users to essentially “poll” their audience. Through presentations and responding devices, known as “clickers”, audience members can respond to questions prompted on a slide, and users are able to instantly view the results for feedback. TurningPoint can be used in a variety of ways in college classrooms. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. TurningPoint can be used as a great way to get instant feedback on the effectiveness or student comprehension of lecture material. Simply ask questions before the lecture and at the end of the lecture as a pre and posttest, and get insight on how the audience is grasping the material presented.
  2. Multiple choice tests can be transformed into presentations, and students can give their responses in just a click! Try creating mock tests for students to use during a review session to gain instant feedback on areas that need to be further covered.
  3. Using TurningPoint is a great way to decrease your workload with tracking attendance, grading multiple choice tests and quizzes, and then importing the grades into your grade book. Simply assign each student a clicker and then track their grades and attendance with the software!
  4. Play “Who wants to be a Millionaire” and your students can actually poll the audience.
  5. The use of TurningPoint is not limited to the classroom; try using it at departmental meetings, functions, etc. to vote, seek opinions, prompt discussion, and more!

Using clickers in your class will help break social barriers experienced by students about knowing or not knowing the “right” answer, will help reset their clock with questions to answer every 10 minutes or so, and serve as a great facilitation for group discussions. For more information on using TurningPoint in your classroom, please contact us!

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