What’s new with iOS 5?

Apple recently launched iOS 5, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s new. Here’s a quick crash-course on the new and changed features of iOS 5:

  • Newsstand: Found right on the home screen, this is a new feature that delivers your news and other subscriptions directly to you!
  • Twitter Integration: Tweeting is easier than ever-simply sign in once with your Twitter account in settings, and tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps.
  • Enhanced Photo Features: Take pictures instantly without using the camera app-simply click the volume-up button to snap a picture, or access the camera app directly from the lock screen! There are also new editing features and the ability to organize photos into albums.
  • Notification Center: The notification center is simply a central location for you to view what you want to see-emails, messages, reminders, and more. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen from any app or location, and the notification center will appear.
  • iMessage: Similar to Blackberry’s BBM feature, iMessage gives users the ability to communicate instantly with other iOS 5 users on any device. Send unlimited messages, including video, photos, and contacts.
  • Reminders: This built-in application allows users to easily jot down and organize tasks in a “to-do” list form, and view and track tasks by date.
  • Safari: Safari now offers tabbed browsing, and users can create reading lists, where they can save web pages to read later on.

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