Lectures from the world’s top scholars delivered directly to you!

Ever wonder what happens in a business class at Harvard or how physics is demonstrated at MIT? If you are someone with a craving for knowledge-or just curious of how lectures are at some of the world’s top academic institutions, check out Academic Earth.

Search by subject, university, or even by specific professors and then simply select your lecture, sit back, and learn! A great feature of Academic Earth is the playlists, which are essentially series of lectures presented on specific topics. Learn about all aspects of the financial crisis or even dive into the human psyche and learn how to live “a good life”. This site gives all individuals the opportunity to hear about topics that interest them the most from the individuals who know them the best.

Share this great resource with your students, and they may find it very helpful in the future! Whether they are just interested in learning about certain topics or need clarification on a specific subject area, Academic Earth brings the knowledge from some of the world’s top scholars directly to their computer screen.

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