“Tweeting”, “Posting”, and now… “Pinning”

If you are on top of social media and new tools, then Pinterest is no news to you. But, if you are a stranger to this new tool that recently gained significant popularity, then check out this post to see what it’s all about!

Pinterest is essentially an online pin board; a place where users can share pictures, videos, and links to websites they have found online. It is a great way to visually share information via the internet. Categories range from food to technology, and everything in between. Users are able to both browse through the pin boards of other users, and create their own. They can add their own original pins, re-pin things they like from other users, make comments or like pins, and even follow the pin boards that interest them the most! Pinterest is a great location to learn, share, and engage in new and exciting things that interest you!

So how can Pinterest be used in higher education? Pinterest creates a stimulating and exciting environment to deliver new information to users. Try creating a Pinterest for your class and include images, links to useful resources, videos, and other information that your students can browse through! Encourage them to make comments and even create their own pin boards for class so everyone is able to collaborate and share together.

Pinterest is a simple, cost-free, and new (and exciting!) way to share and consume information from the internet. Be sure to check it out and try to use it in your class!

One Response to “Tweeting”, “Posting”, and now… “Pinning”

  1. Rhonda Allison

    I never got the idea of using Pinterest for classroom studies. That’s a great idea. The visual are definitely much more engaging and interesting for kids of all age groups. thanks to you guys for this wonderful idea.