How do you get your news?

There is no questioning that social media has become a huge part of most of our lives. From tweeting on a regular basis to checking our Facebook for updates from friends and organizations that we follow, we find out most of the information we know via social media. So exactly how is social media changing the role in which we receive news? In a huge way-social media is rapidly growing in numbers and beginning to replace traditional journalism as our news source. Check out this great infographic we have found and see just how much social media is changing the way we get our news!

2 Responses to How do you get your news?

  1. Mobile Application Development

    Well said..Nowadays Social media is totally in. Not only kids and youth, senior citizens too are taking interest in it. People are more active diverted towards Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter rather than watching news and reading newspaper. Nice write up.

  2. Marielaina Perrone DDS

    I would love to see these numbers change in say 12 months. I bet it will be quite a jump from even what you have posted there. Print is going the way of the dinosaur.