3 Things you didn’t know about…Google Drive and Docs!

Did you know that recently Google Docs integrated with Google Drive? These two apps teamed up to create an incredible resource for all users of Google apps. When you download Google Drive, you get a cloud-based storage system providing you with 5GB of free storage space. In addition, Google Docs automatically becomes fully integrated in Google Drive, providing you with the benefits of both. Check out some of our favorite tips!

1:  Take Advantage of OCR! (Optical Character Recognition)

Google Drive has a seriously great talent; it allows you to search your documents and can recognize just about anything. Aside from regular text in documents, this feature will recognize text in PDFs and scanned papers (even newspapers!), and sometimes even recognizable parts of pictures (like famous monuments).

2: Use the Send To shortcut!

  1. Open up Windows Explorer and in the browser, enter %APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo
  2. A new window will appear with the contents of your Send To folder. Along the left side of the screen, you will see Google Drive. Right click Goolge Drive, and drag it into the folder. Release it, and choose Copy Here.
  3. Now Google Drive will be added to your Send To folder! Whenever you want to add a document to your Google Drive, simply right click on the document, choose Send To, and then choose Google Drive! Such a simple shortcut!

3: Access all your Previous Revisions!

Ever save a document and wish you had the previous version? With Google Docs, you will no longer have that problem! Google Docs automatically saves every version of your document without requiring any action on your end. From Google Drive, select the file you want. From the toolbar, click More, and manage Revisions. A list of previous version is displayed. Clicking one saves it to the browser’s default download folder. It can then be opened or moved to wherever you want, even back to Google Drive.

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  1. I appreciate you posting this article. I am now starting to use these two programs often. Google makes great programs. Thanks for the post!