Google’s newest creation: Google Cultural Institute

Are you a fan of Google? As big of fans as we are? If you follow our blog, you know that we love Google Apps and their endless uses in education. Google offers tools that are not only completely accessible, but serves as the center of many students’ online lives. So, needless to say, Google tools are a great way to get students interacting with class material!

Google Cultural InstituteThis week, we’re sharing on of Google’s newest resources-Google Cultural Institute. This is a resource that really gets students hands-on and interactively exploring all things history, geography and art. Students can check out images, videos, text and audio of different exhibitions that are easily found through the search tool!

This is a great tool to encourage to explore new topics and get more in depth on topics they are already becoming familiar with in class. Also, it is a great tool to integrate into projects!

One Response to Google’s newest creation: Google Cultural Institute

  1. It’s just too convenient to use Google in one account. Sharing through Google+, upload files through Google Drive etc. Thumbs up.