Setting yourself apart-An Idea for your Students!

Today, we’re sharing a blog that’s more geared towards students—and we’re hoping you’ll share it with them! As technology evolves and becomes intertwined in just about everything we do, the way we do things is evolving too. There are constantly new ideas, new creative spins, and tons of ways to make yourself stand apart.

With so many students graduating after the Fall semester, the job hunt can be very daunting. Using technology to make themselves stand apart may be the first step towards landing that dream job!

Visual Resume

One way to do this is by creating a presume—a resume that doubles as an interactive presentation. There are tons of free web tools that are great to create presumes—Prezi, SlideRocket, and Presenter to name a few. Making a resume interactive allows students to focus on what they want to be most prominent, show off their creativity and innovation, and stand apart from other applicants!

We love learning about ways technology is used to express creativity and inspire people to take chances and challenge themselves. This is the perfect example of doing just that! Be sure to share this idea with your students, and if you’d like to learn more about presumes, let us know and we can share more ideas!

One Response to Setting yourself apart-An Idea for your Students!

  1. It is very horrible for young people to think about their future. Found job is very difficult and obligation to work more over 40 hours a week is unhuman.