The Best of 2013

We share a lot of information on our blog, and trust us, we know it’s a challenge to keep up with all these tools, ideas and inspirations! So, in annual tradition, we are summing up for you our favorites from 2013! Only this time, we’ve divided them into two different categories-the best tools for educators and the best tools for students. Today, we’re kicking it off with the best tools for students!

2013Free Digital Photos:

  • This is going to sum up several tools into one, because finding access to free digital photos can be such a challenge yet necessity for students to create projects, presentations, etc. Of course, these are excellent for educators as well! Some of our favorites include Free Digital Photos and Free Tiiu Pix. For more options, check out this article!


  • We talked about Symbaloo a lot this year—and for good reason! This is a great tool for students because it promotes organization and the use of various tools. Add links in a Mix that can be customized just to your liking and arranged however works best for you. Definitely a must-have tool for students.

Video Notes

  • Video Notes allows users to pull up the video they wish to watch and take notes on. The video will appear on the left side of the screen, while a notepad appears on the right—enabling the user to take notes in the same window while watching the video! When finished watching the video and taking notes, both the video and the notes will be saved to the Google Drive account, and easily accessible for future use—a great tool for students to take advantage of.

Three Ring

  • Ahh another tool for organization, making it a must have for students! ThreeRing is a tool that allows students to create their entire organizational system on their mobile device, and carry it everywhere—easily searching and finding the items they need, right when they need them. Input photos of different works, the board in the classroom, etc., video and/or audio of lectures, discussions and presentations, and even upload homework and other assignments into ThreeRing. As work is added, items can be tagged and associated with other items to ease searching and finding works on various topics.


  • DropTask is a tool that is going to help students so much when working with group projects! It helps students organize their tasks, visualize their tasks and the bigger picture of the project, and more.

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