Welcome Back!

The beginning of the semester is a great opportunity to get your students started on the right foot, and one of the best ways to do this is to help them get organized and prepared for the semester!

Check out some of our favorite tools that are great for students to track their tasks, assignments and schedules!

1.       Gmail

As we have mentioned before on our blog, UIS uses Google Apps for Education, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of tons of Google’s great apps that all sync with one another. Google’s email service, Gmail, has a feature where students can directly add and manage their tasks within their email account. Simply click the Gmail dropdown, and select Tasks. Track tasks by dates. For more options to add reminders, repeating tasks, and more, take advantage of Google Calendar, also synced with Gmail!

2.       DropTask

DropTask is a great tool for students for tons of reasons. Aside from being a great way to manage  time, tasks, and various projects, it’s also a great tool to use when working with a  group on a project. DropTask helps students visualize their tasks to see the bigger picture of the project. When it comes to group work, students can add their instructors to their DropTask group so the instructor can see how tasks are divided amongst group members and how they are progressing while completing their tasks!

3.       Thought Boxes

Thought Boxes is a great way to organize all your tasks, categorize them, and easily map out your time and understand what must be done to accomplish each task. Create your to-do lists and include text and links to other websites.

The first step towards success is being organized! These tools are a great place to start, but we have tons more we would love to share—keep up with our blog for new ideas each week!

One Response to Welcome Back!

  1. Just started using DropTask with my team at Much More. It has helped organise us incredibly. I googled it and found this article and saw your recommendation.