Security Check Up

We wanted to follow up our Summer Bucket List with one more suggestion to consider these next few months! With more downtime than during the school year, summer also lends itself to be an excellent time to check up on your computer and brush up on your security smarts! We’ve shared excellent tips in the past on being safe online, but here are some ways you can utilize time this summer to make sure everything is working smoothly and safely!

  • Update all software related to protecting your computer (yes, that anti-virus reminder you have been avoiding for much too long!)
  • Be cautious when connecting to Wi-Fi. When using public wi-fi hotspots, make sure you do not enter passwords or access private information. Since these are open access, there is a higher possibility this information is compromised.
  • Revisit your passwords: If you use the same password across different accounts or you cannot remember the last time you changed them, then now is the perfect time to reset your passwords. Make them different across accounts and very unique (using numbers, characters, uppercase and lowercase letters). Make sure you keep them in a safe place where they will not be discovered by others.

If you have questions about good web practices or about internet safety, feel free to contact us!

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