Your Computer Away from Campus

Citrix Virtual Desktop is definitely one of the most functional and useful tools offered by ITS, and is one of the best tools to familiarize yourself with at the start of the semester if you haven’t yet used it! Citrix Virtual Desktop is a program that essentially turns your home computer into a UIS desktop, complete with all the software you need. With Citrix Virtual Desktop, users connect to a UIS desktop remotely, and they are then able to access software and programs like the Microsoft Office suite, the Adobe suite, SAS, and any other program you may utilize while on-campus! Simply download the software to your personal computer and you are able to connect remotely to the UIS desktop anywhere with internet service. To learn more about Citrix Virtual Desktop, click here!

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  1. Bakshiganj Govt. Kiamat Ullah College Laptop or tab is one of the useful part of our modern life. it can easily carry any campus or location.Is there any important part to use UIS in laptop / tap?