Your On-Demand Training Tool!

Here at UIS, ITS services offers workshops regularly training faculty, staff and students on programs like MS Access, Adobe Photoshop, and more! However, attending workshops may not always fit in with your schedule…or maybe the question you have is something quick, like how to format a paper in Microsoft Word.

That’s where Lynda, UIS’ on-demand training resource comes in! This extremely helpful resource is free for use for faculty, staff and students and includes how-to videos and tutorials for tons of programs! Take full courses on how to use Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Suite programs, and tons more. The courses range and can be up to several hours long, however, train at your own pace! Even customize your training and track your progress to see how much you’ve completed and how much further you have to go.

Lynda is not only a great solution for faculty and staff, but also be sure to share this resource with your students. If they are having issues using a program to complete a homework assignment or just want to learn more about new software, this is the perfect solution to share!

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