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Create your own Avatar

Today I came across a free online tool that kind of blew me away with its implications in learning. It is not something that will revolutionize higher education, but it just might revolutionize your Blackboard, your blog, or your website.

Voki is a website that allows users to create their own avatars, and then add voice to relay messages. Voice can be recorded by phone or microphone, can be uploaded as an audio file, or can be entered in text and converted to a selected speech.  The avatars can then be uploaded essentially anywhere-to your Blackboard, to your course website, your blog, etc. Imagine relaying your messages to your students with your very own avatar-the “virtual you” can remind them about due dates, assignments, whatever you wish!

So try your hand at making your own avatar today! From creating someone who looks just like you to creating the alien version of yourself, Voki will keep you busy for a while!