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Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember the days of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books where you would read a few pages, then based on a choice, you’d flip to a particular page where you were faced with another choice?  The same story could be read multiple times, with a different ending every time!

Quandary is a free application that allows you to make web-based action mazes, similiar to these books.  These action mazes are great tools for problem-solving, diagnosis, procedural training, surveys/questionnaires – really any activity that students might understand and remember better by example than through explanation.

Need a scholarly article? Google it.

When we have a question about absolutely anything, we always know where to turn, Google. “Google” has actually become a verb. There are some situations, however, where we don’t know exactly how to search for specific information. Does searching for scholarly articles ring a bell for anyone? This can sometimes be a daunting task for students, especially those unfamiliar with what a journal database is, or how to access it. But behold, Google Scholar can help. Yes, again, Google can help us solve a problem.

Google Scholar is great for college students because most of them are so familiar with Google, and so unfamiliar with searching through scholarly databases. Google Scholar looks like Google, it searches like Google, and it produces and abundance of results. Simply enter a subject into the search bar and Google will search through sources all over the web; journals, articles, books, abstracts, court documents, and more. The results provided will be displayed exactly like they are with Google, and will be simple to thumb through and find an appropriate resource.

Check out the Google Apps workshop on February 28 to learn more about using Google Scholar!