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Even More Ways to use iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom are no longer a new thing—they have been established as valuable tools in the classroom, particularly in higher education. We love coming across new ways to use iPads in the classroom, and are sharing a few of the  best things we’ve come across lately!

1.       Dragon Dictation: Share this one with your students: with this app, speech is converted to editable text. Students can speak out loud practicing speeches, reciting definitions, or even recording lectures or discussion in class!

2.       Lights, Camera, Action! Did you know your iPad could double as a teleprompter? Go to www.teleprompter.com and your iPad can double as a teleprompter—create newscasts, videos, and get your students comfortable with public speaking!

3.       Collaborate together on whiteboards: If each student in your class has their own iPad, they can each use it as a whiteboard and collaborate together. When one person writes something, everyone else can see it! Just download Whiteboard Free and start today. This can be a great tool for discussions, to make all students accountable for being involved and sharing with their classmates!

4.       Ease Class Communication: Traffic Light, an app, is a great way for students to share how comfortable they are with a particular topic. This is a great way for you to better read the class and know whether or not it’s time to move forward.

5.       Be the master of the blog—and get your students involved! Create your free WordPress blog, then download the app to the iPads. Students can upload their work (text, images, movies) to a new blog page, and the instructor can decide what is going to be published on the blog!

Your Summer Bucket List!

Finally, the weather is warm, the sun is out, and it’s clear that summer is finally on the horizon. With classes ending, you may find yourself with more time on your hands. Like last year, we are giving you a Summer Bucket List, Round 2. Here are 3 ideas for you to explore this summer.

1.       Engage yourself in the world of Social Media

While Facebook, Twitter, and blogging aren’t new to the technology world, they quickly reached the top. Social Media is everywhere and has a place in almost every industry-especially higher education! Chances are your students are on their phones, laptops, iPads and other devices all the time, so incorporating blogs, Twitter, and other social media tools into your classroom could be a great way to maintain contact even when class is over. This summer, create a Twitter and begin tweeting or start up a blog that you can integrate with your classes in August. 

2.       Liven up your Lectures

No longer is PowerPoint the standard for classroom lectures. There are now so many neat (and free!) tools available so you can escape the monotonous PowerPoint presentation. For other ways to present information, try checking out Prezi or SlideRocket. Or, if you are looking for something interesting and unique to incorporate into lecture, check out TED and Snag Films for great videos that will make your students understand classroom material from a broader prospective!

3.       Familiarize yourself with Free Web Resources!

This one may be one of our favorite ideas. We spend a lot of time searching for free web resources for higher education and share them with you through our blog. Be sure to continue to follow us for weekly posting that provide you with the scoop on what’s new, great, and free!

Check out a Google Site we’ve created where you can view an entire list of free web-based resources. Read their descriptions to learn more, and then instantly access their links to instantly begin using them!

Summer is a great time to explore new options and resources for the upcoming school year. When you’re not vacationing or lounging by the pool, we hope that after checking out these resources a little more you will be inspired to put them into use this August! If you would like more information on the tools listed above and many more ideas for creative ways to integrate technology into your classes, be sure to check out our past blog entries, our website, or contact us!

Welcome Back!

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all back! We hope you enjoyed a nice, relaxing summer and are as excited for the new school year as we are!

The beginning of a new semester is always a great opportunity to try something new, so check out our blog for some ideas that you can use in your classroom. This summer, we introduced a new series, “5 ways you can use…” Be sure to stay updated on the blog and check out past posts to get some new and creative ideas on ways to use the tools we offer.

Our weekly workshops will begin at the start of the semester. Check out the Workshops we will be offering and their scheduled times. These are a great opportunity to learn some new software or get some new tips on software you may already use!

Feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance or have any questions.