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Revisiting our Favorite Concept!

We’ve blogged about this several times last semester, so the idea of flipping your classroom, is probably not new! The research is out and the spotlight on flipping classrooms in higher education is brighter than ever. Check out 6 tips we’ve found from the experts on flipping the classroom.

1.       Use technology that is familiar so the integration is seamless and flows

2.       Be up front with the expectations you have from your students

3.       Encourage discussions and allow students to communicate and collaborate with one another

4.       Know what your students need going into the lecture, and plan your class time off that

5.       Set a goal for the outcomes you hope to see from your flipped classroom

6.       Use assessments that integrate into the flipped model

Check out the entire article here!

Even More Ways to use iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom are no longer a new thing—they have been established as valuable tools in the classroom, particularly in higher education. We love coming across new ways to use iPads in the classroom, and are sharing a few of the  best things we’ve come across lately!

1.       Dragon Dictation: Share this one with your students: with this app, speech is converted to editable text. Students can speak out loud practicing speeches, reciting definitions, or even recording lectures or discussion in class!

2.       Lights, Camera, Action! Did you know your iPad could double as a teleprompter? Go to www.teleprompter.com and your iPad can double as a teleprompter—create newscasts, videos, and get your students comfortable with public speaking!

3.       Collaborate together on whiteboards: If each student in your class has their own iPad, they can each use it as a whiteboard and collaborate together. When one person writes something, everyone else can see it! Just download Whiteboard Free and start today. This can be a great tool for discussions, to make all students accountable for being involved and sharing with their classmates!

4.       Ease Class Communication: Traffic Light, an app, is a great way for students to share how comfortable they are with a particular topic. This is a great way for you to better read the class and know whether or not it’s time to move forward.

5.       Be the master of the blog—and get your students involved! Create your free WordPress blog, then download the app to the iPads. Students can upload their work (text, images, movies) to a new blog page, and the instructor can decide what is going to be published on the blog!

Get on-board the Twitter train

When Twitter first came out, some people loved it and some loved to not like it. Is it necessary to be so infatuated with a person that you want to know their every thought? Well, Twitter has evolved to something beyond reading about how celebrities feel about last night’s episode of The Bachelor. Twitter is being used by professors at universities all over the world, and is really proving itself to be an effective communication tool.

With its free cost and growing popularity, Twitter can be used by professors to communicate with students and promote more involvement and interaction with class material. Make announcements, brainstorm topics, share websites and information, or follow current events and leaders across the world.

In addition, apps can be used in conjunction with Twitter to facilitate communication between group projects, poll others for feedback, keep notes and tweets together, and much more. Twitter boasts a variety of tools, apps, and opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Check out the links below for more tips on how to integrate Twitter into your classes.





A Buried Treasure of Google

The majority of your students (and perhaps you as well) probably have accounts with Google for email. But do you really know what else you can do with it? Well, many things. But for starters, Google Docs offers a great application, especially for busy college students completing group projects.

Google Docs offers users the ability to collaborate live on the same document and make edits, at no charge. Users are able to open their documents from their personal computers anywhere, make their own edits, see the edits of others, and use the chat feature to discuss with their group members.  It’s easy to use, and makes completing group work a much more simple and enjoyable assignment. Check out our Google Docs handout for information on how to use this great feature.

Share this great tip with them and they will be able to avoid the dreaded task of finding a location and time that works with the entire group’s crammed schedules.   And lookout for workshops in the spring to learn more about Google Docs and the other great applications offered for free by Google!