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The Best Websites from A to Z!

One thing we love to do on this blog is share with you some of the best free web-based tools and websites we come across. From file management to tools to express creativity, we’ve covered a lot of areas. Today, we are sharing with you makeuseof.com’s list of 119 of the best websites. This list covers everything from news and music to files and documents and websites for when you are feeling a little bored! We’re sharing five of our favorites they found, but check out the entire list of all 119 websites here!


Pixenate is a simply and accessible photo editor, and the best part is that it’s free! Simply upload your photograph and make edits and fun additions to your picture. When you are finished, save it or upload it to Flickr!

Join Me

Join.Me is a free way to host online meetings, and the best part is how simple it is! Simply receive a code and share it with your attendees. Use free internet calling, a chat feature, give participants control of your screen, share files, and more! No downloads and no registration-it’s so simple!


Diigo is the ultimate information management tool. Collect bookmarks, highlighted notes, screenshots, documents, audio, and much more! Through Diigo, add highlights and sticky notes to documents to annotate. Everything that is collected is stored in the cloud, and can be easily accessed from anywhere.


If you have some time to waste or are just looking for a laugh, check out this site! Deemed as one of the best sites to cure boredom, you will stay busy reading tons of hilarious articles.

The Best Ways to Get Creative on your iPad!

We have spent a lot of time on our blog sharing iPad/iPhone apps that are great for higher education and for use in the classroom. Some of the best apps are great for educational purposes, but some are just really cool and fun! Today we are sharing some apps we have discovered that are really interesting, unique, and fun to use for everyday purposes or when you are feeling like getting a little creative!

Face Jack ($1.99)
This app is one of a kind and will surely be a hit with everyone! Create a recording, upload an image of someone’s face, and then within a couple clicks, Face Jack will pair your audio to the face to create a fun and hilarious way of sharing audio!

Drawing Box (FREE)
This is the ultimate app for learning to draw or improving your skills! This app offers tons of drawing tools, and provides users with lessons to learn step-by-step techniques!

Fotolr PS HD (FREE)
This app gives users to tool to edit and enhance their photos with a few clicks! There are even tools specifically for portraits, including lipstick, hair dying, and teeth whitening!

Silent Film Director (FREE)
This app lets you turn your own movies into silent films! Choose from different eras that will add an overall effect to your movie, customize speed at various points in the video, edit sounds by choosing from soundtracks, your own music, using muting, and more.

CamWow (FREE)
This app brings all the features of Photo Booth to your device-choose from tons of filters and effects to add to your images, and then share with others them directly from the app!

Be sure to follow our Best of iPad Apps website for more apps for creativity, and much more!

A New Year, a New Semester

Happy New Year! Winter break is flying by, and we are quickly approaching the beginning of another new semester. With these new beginnings, there is no better time to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Here are a few fresh ideas for you to try in your classes this semester:

Use the Interactive Whiteboards

Those whiteboards in every classroom are more than just a fancy projector screen-they are interactive. Project your computer screen to the whiteboard, then directly interact with whatever is on your computer from the whiteboard. Use the markers to highlight, annotate, and write on the screen, and use your finger to navigate the web or whatever you wish. Take snapshots of the screens and then upload them to Blackboard to share with your students. The possibilities are endless with these interactive whiteboards, and they can definitely make a huge impact in any course. If you would like to learn more about the whiteboards, do not hesitate to contact us!

Create a Class Blog

Last semester, we introduced WordPress Blog Service to the campus, which is available to all faculty, students, and staff. Creating a blog is a great way to share information and stay connected with others. Students are very well connected today, so a blog could be a great way to keep them connected to the class and material even when they are not physically in the classroom.

Encourage Creativity

In the Media Lab, we offer so many tools for students to utilize for class projects. From Flip Cams to video editing software, students have the tools they need to create creative, elaborate projects. This semester, think about encouraging your students to express their creativity with a project utilizing Multimedia tools. If you would like to discuss the tools we have or have any other questions, feel free to come see us in the Media Lab in BRK 180!