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A new tool to try-Turnitin

As educators at the university, I think it goes without saying you all have lots on your plates-whether it be juggling a number of classes, your career, or completing research and getting published, things can get a tad bit busy during the semester. Today, we are blogging about a tool offered here at UIS, Turnitin.

Turnitin is a program through which students turn in their assignments, and then these assignments are checked for plagiarism and originality through the comparison of online resources, other papers, and other materials students may utilize as references. An Originality Report is then presented to you outlining what parts of the report were taken from other sources, allowing instructors to compare the originality of the paper.

Turnitin can be just as beneficial to your students as it is to you as an educator. Aside from checking for originality and plagiarism, Turnitin gives students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and read, review, and evaluate other student’s work while sharing their own work. There is also an anonymity feature to keep the work of all students anonymous. Additionally, Turnitn offers instructors tools for grading and evaluating students’ work, and a course management system.

Being the beginning of the semester, this is a great tool for you to begin utilizing to make your work load perhaps a little lighter when it comes time for students to begin turning in papers and other assignments. If you would like to learn more about using Turnitin, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with assistance and additional resources!