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Maintaing your Machine

It’s the 3rd week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and this week, we are talking about some ways to keep your machine clean! It’s important to give our computers the TLC and maintenance they need to keep running and being dependable for what we rely on them for!

Beware of viruses and spyware

  • Install current anti-virus and firewall protection to protect against viruses and spyware.
  • Visit UIS’ webstore for free programs for faculty, staff, and students!
  • Remove unnecessary and temporary files to make your machine faster-this can be done easily with a disk cleanup. Run a disk cleanup once a week to remove these files.

Avoiding Spam

  • To reduce the amount of spam you receive, you can edit your settings of your mail program, report spam so your email service will recognize it in the future, and remove your email address from appearing on public websites, such as your social networking profiles.
  • Avoid emails that seek personal information.  They may appear in the form of emails asking you to click a link or share some information.
  • Remember to never share or disclose personal information, ensure that a website is secure, and pay attention to the URL.

File Sharing

  • File sharing is dangerous and can put your computer at a great risk. Do not participate in using file sharing programs because doing so can put you at risk for unintentionally distributing personal information, viruses, and more.

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about keeping your computer clean, feel free to contact us, or check out http://www.staysafeonline.org/.

Playing it safe enough online?

Today, the World Wide Web proves to be probably the most significant resource available. It has opened doors to communicate with people all across the world, share and receive knowledge from others, and find endless resources on any topic we can imagine. Despite all the wonderful resources the internet has provided us with, a tool this powerful also comes with some undesirable aspects. As most of us use the internet daily for multiple purposes, it is important to know what puts us at risk, and what actions to take to both protect our identities and secure our computers.

Protect yourself first, avoid identity theft!

  • Protect your passwords completely, make sure they are strong and uncommon, and use multiple passwords for different accounts. Try using PasswordVault, a program that will secure all your passwords and pin numbers for quick, convenient access. This program is free for UIS students, faculty or staff, and can be downloaded from the UIS Webstore.
  • Treat everyone on the internet as though they are a stranger, because they are. Be wary of everyone you meet and everything you read.
  • Any bank, credit card company, PayPal account, etc., will never ask for account or personal information via an email, so never distribute social security numbers, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.
  • If using public Wi-Fi, do not enter any passwords or account information on the public network. This information can be found by others who may be looking for it.

Secure your computer

  • Use an Internet firewall, up-to-date antivirus software, up-to-date antispyware software, and regularly update browsers and operating systems. These are the best practices to defend against the millions of viruses lurking the web.
  • Never open links or files from unknown sources, they may be infected.
  • Back up your work. If something were to happen to a file, or several files, it is important that you have them copied to an additional location.
  • Be cautious with file-sharing. In addition to many legal issues, many of the files that are shared may be infected with spyware and other malicious material.

Be sure to follow these key practices and exercise caution when using the internet for daily tasks. If you have any questions about internet safety or need assistance in choosing the correct programs, feel free to contact us!