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Revisiting the Flipped Classroom!

The “Flipped Classroom” Model is definitely something we have spent some time blogging about in the past, but did you know that this year, new, innovative methods of flipping the classroom are projected to make it one of the biggest changes in higher education this year!

Basically, if you haven’t heard, the flipped classroom is the notion that time spent in the classroom is for projects, “homework”, and other collaborative activities, and time spent outside the classroom is for lecturing, note-taking, and watching videos. With all of the advances in technology, educators are able to record their lectures and post them online, provide students with videos, notes, and other class materials electronically (not just in the classroom). So, this gives educators the opportunity to really take advantage of the valuable hours they meet with students each week!

If you are interested in this concept, contact us! We love the idea of flipping the classroom, and have so many ideas to share. Many technology tools offered here at UIS are perfect for transitioning lectures to the online environment. We’d also love to share some of our great ideas on multimedia projects and utilizing some of our favorite tech tools inside the classroom to promote creativity and collaboration within the classroom!

Revisiting our Favorite Concept!

We’ve blogged about this several times last semester, so the idea of flipping your classroom, is probably not new! The research is out and the spotlight on flipping classrooms in higher education is brighter than ever. Check out 6 tips we’ve found from the experts on flipping the classroom.

1.       Use technology that is familiar so the integration is seamless and flows

2.       Be up front with the expectations you have from your students

3.       Encourage discussions and allow students to communicate and collaborate with one another

4.       Know what your students need going into the lecture, and plan your class time off that

5.       Set a goal for the outcomes you hope to see from your flipped classroom

6.       Use assessments that integrate into the flipped model

Check out the entire article here!

Tools to use to engage your students!

This week, we are doing exactly what we love to do on this blog-sharing some new great interactive resources we’ve found on the web! These free tools are great to use in your classrooms when school starts this fall, and great to share with students as resources that can be utilized outside of the classroom (think Flipped Classroom like we blogged about a few weeks ago!).

NBC Learn

Like Snag Films or TED, NBC Learn is a great resource offering several educational videos to play in class or share with your students. From series focusing on the changing climate of our world to the science of football, there are several series of high quality of videos and lesson plans available for you to share with your class.

Discovery Education

This is an all-around great resource for everyone in education. Administrators, teachers, students and parents all have tools and resources targeted towards them. View lesson plans and check out already created curriculums, puzzles, and resources organized by grade level.


If you incorporate politics into your educational curriculum, this is the tool for you! C-SPAN Video Library is a place for anyone to access a huge archive of videos from various events. Browse through various categories including healthcare, debates, global climate change, and more. This is a great way to bring in the outside world into your classroom and talk about real issues with your students!


Flip This Classroom!

Essentially, a flipped classroom is just how it sounds! Instead of spending classroom time lecturing and time outside of the classroom doing homework and answering questions, the time inside the classroom is spent engaging in discussions and problem solving, and the time outside the classroom is spent listening to lectures and other materials that may typically be presented during class.

Although this is a relatively new concept, the benefits of flipping classrooms are already emerging. One of the main reasons they are proving to be such an effective way to teach is because of all the free great web-based resources available to you! From tools that help organize web-resources for your class (like SymbalooEDU) to tools to supplement your lectures and add a different view (like TED, Khan Academy, or SnagFilms), the internet is full of these resources and new ones are being developed daily!

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the science behind the Flipped Classroom- what they are, how they work, and how they can impact how your students learn! And be sure to follow our blog every week-we are always on the lookout for the next best web-based tools and love sharing them with you!

Flipped Classroom

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