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3 Things you didn’t know about…Google Scholar!

Google Scholar is one of the simplest ways to perform academic searches on the internet. Simply enter search terms in the search bar as you would with Google, and Google Scholar will identify, journal articles and many other scholarly resources. If you are unfamiliar with Google Scholar, check out our handout here! And read on for some of the newest tips!

1: Google Scholar will tell you if your library has access to the article you want.

This is an added feature that will tell you if you can access the specific article through UIS. Simply add a Library Preference, and Google Scholar will highlight the articles to which you have instant access!

  • Log in to Google
  • Navigate to Google Scholar
  • Click on  “Scholar Preferences”
  • Choose “Library Links” and search for your library and choose “Find Library” (Troubleshooting note: you may also have to be logged in to your library proxy to make this work, but there is help text on the Library Links page).

2: Google Docs now integrates a “Research Feature.”

When in Google Docs, under the Tools option on the toolbar in your document, click Research. This will allow you to complete a search on the web. If you select an article from the results that pop up, Google will cite the article from you! You can choose from APA, Chicago, and MLA styles—talk about a time saver for both you and your students!

3: Google Scholar will generate a list of those publications that have cited the article in the past.

Seeing the number of times an article was cited is definitely a characteristic many users look for to determine exactly how credible the article is. Next time, try clicking on this number and you will receive a list of all publications that have cited the article! This is a great way to view other resources that may be valuable to the particular topic you are researching.