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The new Cloud in the sky

Google Apps has taken over many of the things we use the internet for—email, managing schedules, organizing photos, creating websites, and so much more! Now, they’ve released Google Drive, the app that allows us to share and store files over the internet.

Google Drive is like Google’s version of “The Cloud” but it offers several additional features, including:  it integrates with your other Google apps (including Google Docs!), offers 5GB of storage for free, and it goes beyond other storage apps by offering live collaboration features.

Google Drive is an app that is downloaded to your computer. After downloading Google Drive, you will be able to sync your files on your computer to your Google Drive. They will then appear on the web for you to access whenever you need them! Any time you put a file in the folders synced with your Google Drive, they will appear in your Google Drive on the web. You will then be able to view, edit, share, and collaborate live on your files.

Google Drive offers many additional features for you to check out. The integration of Google Docs allows users to create multiple types of documents, there is a search feature that can help you find anything, and you can get Google Drive on the go through their apps for Android and iOS devices (coming soon)!

Make a Visit to Google’s Laboratory

Google LabsSummer is a great time to experiment with new technologies because we all have just a little bit more extra time on our hands. So when you have some free time between soaking up the sun and going on vacation, check out Google Labs.

Google Labs is an exciting resource offered by Google. It is essentially a place where users can go and literally “experiment” with new ideas and applications Google is testing out. Users can provide feedback, and if the feedback is great, then Google may launch the greatest thing since Gmail. From exploring the human body to using word processors with autocomplete, Google Labs is a great place to go when you want to waste some time trying out cool new technologies from the brilliant minds of Google’s engineers and researchers.

Google labs is always changing, and introducing new applications to test out and use. So take some time and check out the new “experiments” in Google Labs and be a part of deciding which applications make it to Google!

Websites made easy with Google

It is pretty clear from this blog that I am a huge supporter of Google…these days, who isn’t? There are so many apps to do so much with and they all collaborate so nicely together. But that’s not the best part-they are absolutely free! One Google App that we have been putting to great use lately is Google Sites. An app where you can easily create and personalize your own website at no cost? Priceless.

If you’re looking for a new project this summer, creating a website with Google Sites is a great idea. Start off the new school year next August in style with a new website to share with your students, and even better, get them to create one too! With Google Sites, users are able to create websites with multiple pages, where they are able to upload pictures, documents, videos, and easily integrate other Google Apps. This tool is a great way to get your students to communicate, share their work with others, and build upon a skill set that will be highly valued when they graduate and enter the professional world.

Check out our website to find handouts and videos about creating a website with Google Sites, and let the learning and exploring begin!

Need a scholarly article? Google it.

When we have a question about absolutely anything, we always know where to turn, Google. “Google” has actually become a verb. There are some situations, however, where we don’t know exactly how to search for specific information. Does searching for scholarly articles ring a bell for anyone? This can sometimes be a daunting task for students, especially those unfamiliar with what a journal database is, or how to access it. But behold, Google Scholar can help. Yes, again, Google can help us solve a problem.

Google Scholar is great for college students because most of them are so familiar with Google, and so unfamiliar with searching through scholarly databases. Google Scholar looks like Google, it searches like Google, and it produces and abundance of results. Simply enter a subject into the search bar and Google will search through sources all over the web; journals, articles, books, abstracts, court documents, and more. The results provided will be displayed exactly like they are with Google, and will be simple to thumb through and find an appropriate resource.

Check out the Google Apps workshop on February 28 to learn more about using Google Scholar!

A Buried Treasure of Google

The majority of your students (and perhaps you as well) probably have accounts with Google for email. But do you really know what else you can do with it? Well, many things. But for starters, Google Docs offers a great application, especially for busy college students completing group projects.

Google Docs offers users the ability to collaborate live on the same document and make edits, at no charge. Users are able to open their documents from their personal computers anywhere, make their own edits, see the edits of others, and use the chat feature to discuss with their group members.  It’s easy to use, and makes completing group work a much more simple and enjoyable assignment. Check out our Google Docs handout for information on how to use this great feature.

Share this great tip with them and they will be able to avoid the dreaded task of finding a location and time that works with the entire group’s crammed schedules.   And lookout for workshops in the spring to learn more about Google Docs and the other great applications offered for free by Google!