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So you have an iPad!? Now what?

With the holidays over, some of you may have found yourselves owners of a new iPad! Or some of you may be venturing out and renting some of the iPads here at UIS! So now that you own this exciting new tech tool, where do you begin?? Check out a few of our tips!

1.       Create an iTunes account: Prior to anything else, you’ll need to create an iTunes account. With an iTunes account, you can get the best apps, back up your information to iCloud, and access your apps across your other devices.

2.       Work easy with apps: Need to delete an app? Just hold down the app until it begins to move and an X appears in the corner. Simply tap the X and it will delete the app. To move the app, hold it down until it moves and then drag it to the location you want it to be. Want to categorize your apps? Hold down the app until it moves, again, and then drag it over another app you wish to group it with! (Apps are grouped by category like lifestyle, news, etc.)

3.       Know which apps to download: Apps are key to using the iPad…follow our google site (link) to check out some of the best apps for tons of purposes. We focus on free apps, too, so these will be sure to be essential to your iPad and easy on your pocket book!

4.       Know which add-ons to get: The iPad comes with tons of accessories—which can end up costing you more than the iPad itself! Some good advice when purchasing accessories is to do your research…some add-ons have multiple functions that may solve several of your needs (for example, the iPad camera connection kit allows users to connect their iPads to several USB devices.

Even More Ways to use iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom are no longer a new thing—they have been established as valuable tools in the classroom, particularly in higher education. We love coming across new ways to use iPads in the classroom, and are sharing a few of the  best things we’ve come across lately!

1.       Dragon Dictation: Share this one with your students: with this app, speech is converted to editable text. Students can speak out loud practicing speeches, reciting definitions, or even recording lectures or discussion in class!

2.       Lights, Camera, Action! Did you know your iPad could double as a teleprompter? Go to www.teleprompter.com and your iPad can double as a teleprompter—create newscasts, videos, and get your students comfortable with public speaking!

3.       Collaborate together on whiteboards: If each student in your class has their own iPad, they can each use it as a whiteboard and collaborate together. When one person writes something, everyone else can see it! Just download Whiteboard Free and start today. This can be a great tool for discussions, to make all students accountable for being involved and sharing with their classmates!

4.       Ease Class Communication: Traffic Light, an app, is a great way for students to share how comfortable they are with a particular topic. This is a great way for you to better read the class and know whether or not it’s time to move forward.

5.       Be the master of the blog—and get your students involved! Create your free WordPress blog, then download the app to the iPads. Students can upload their work (text, images, movies) to a new blog page, and the instructor can decide what is going to be published on the blog!

Text Entry Tricks for the iPad!

New to the iPad? There are tons of tips and tricks we’ve shared on our blog about the best apps and shortcuts to know when utilizing your iPad. Today, we’re sharing some tips and shortcuts for entering text into your iPad. Whether you use your iPad as a word processor, for emailing, or for just surfing the internet, these tips will help you enter your text quicker and more efficiently!

  • Tap the space bar twice to end a sentence with a period and start the next word with a capital letter.
  • Touch the shift button and slide to a letter to capitalize it (faster than individually taping shift then the letter).
  • Touch the 123 button and slide to the number or punctuation you want to enter, then let go to enter the number and immediately switch back to letter (ABC) mode.
  • Touch and hold down a key to see variant characters. For example, hold down on “e” to see “è” “é” and more, or “$” to see
  • Touch the exclamation point button (!) and flick up to quickly enter an apostrophe (‘)
  • Type a double character at the end to auto-correct in contractions. For example, weree by default will autocorrect to we’re, saving you from having to type the apostrophe.
  • Put two fingers on the keyboard and pull them apart (like you do when you want to zoom in on a web page or photograph) to split the keyboard in two and make it easier for thumb-typing. (Pinch your fingers to bring the keyboard back together again).

For even more tips and tricks for using your iPad, click here! And if you are new to the iPad, or want to learn more about the best apps and other ways to put it to use, feel free to contact us!

Your Summer Bucket List!

Finally, the weather is warm, the sun is out, and it’s clear that summer is finally on the horizon. With classes ending, you may find yourself with more time on your hands. Like last year, we are giving you a Summer Bucket List, Round 2. Here are 3 ideas for you to explore this summer.

1.       Engage yourself in the world of Social Media

While Facebook, Twitter, and blogging aren’t new to the technology world, they quickly reached the top. Social Media is everywhere and has a place in almost every industry-especially higher education! Chances are your students are on their phones, laptops, iPads and other devices all the time, so incorporating blogs, Twitter, and other social media tools into your classroom could be a great way to maintain contact even when class is over. This summer, create a Twitter and begin tweeting or start up a blog that you can integrate with your classes in August. 

2.       Liven up your Lectures

No longer is PowerPoint the standard for classroom lectures. There are now so many neat (and free!) tools available so you can escape the monotonous PowerPoint presentation. For other ways to present information, try checking out Prezi or SlideRocket. Or, if you are looking for something interesting and unique to incorporate into lecture, check out TED and Snag Films for great videos that will make your students understand classroom material from a broader prospective!

3.       Familiarize yourself with Free Web Resources!

This one may be one of our favorite ideas. We spend a lot of time searching for free web resources for higher education and share them with you through our blog. Be sure to continue to follow us for weekly posting that provide you with the scoop on what’s new, great, and free!

Check out a Google Site we’ve created where you can view an entire list of free web-based resources. Read their descriptions to learn more, and then instantly access their links to instantly begin using them!

Summer is a great time to explore new options and resources for the upcoming school year. When you’re not vacationing or lounging by the pool, we hope that after checking out these resources a little more you will be inspired to put them into use this August! If you would like more information on the tools listed above and many more ideas for creative ways to integrate technology into your classes, be sure to check out our past blog entries, our website, or contact us!

The Best Ways to Get Creative on your iPad!

We have spent a lot of time on our blog sharing iPad/iPhone apps that are great for higher education and for use in the classroom. Some of the best apps are great for educational purposes, but some are just really cool and fun! Today we are sharing some apps we have discovered that are really interesting, unique, and fun to use for everyday purposes or when you are feeling like getting a little creative!

Face Jack ($1.99)
This app is one of a kind and will surely be a hit with everyone! Create a recording, upload an image of someone’s face, and then within a couple clicks, Face Jack will pair your audio to the face to create a fun and hilarious way of sharing audio!

Drawing Box (FREE)
This is the ultimate app for learning to draw or improving your skills! This app offers tons of drawing tools, and provides users with lessons to learn step-by-step techniques!

Fotolr PS HD (FREE)
This app gives users to tool to edit and enhance their photos with a few clicks! There are even tools specifically for portraits, including lipstick, hair dying, and teeth whitening!

Silent Film Director (FREE)
This app lets you turn your own movies into silent films! Choose from different eras that will add an overall effect to your movie, customize speed at various points in the video, edit sounds by choosing from soundtracks, your own music, using muting, and more.

CamWow (FREE)
This app brings all the features of Photo Booth to your device-choose from tons of filters and effects to add to your images, and then share with others them directly from the app!

Be sure to follow our Best of iPad Apps website for more apps for creativity, and much more!

New to Apple? Here are the best (free) apps to get you started!

Have you just started using an iPad? Are you feeling lost? If you are new to Mac products, your first iPhone, iPad, or iPod can be a little overwhelming…where do you begin with the apps? There are so many to choose from, so it can be a little difficult to know exactly what you may need or want right away. We have created a list of some of the best (FREE!) apps that will help you get started using your new Apple device! To view the entire list, click here.

This app is one of the most effective apps for organizing and remembering everything that is going on in your life. Take notes, jot down ideas, take recordings, and synchronize all information with a computer or other mobile device

Sundry Notes

With Sundry Notes, users can write text, draw anywhere, research with the internet, import PDFs, images, and documents from Evernote, GoogleDocs and Dropbox, and share notes via Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Make it a multimedia note-taking experience by recording audio.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This app provides users with access to all the definitions from the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Additionally, users are able to use voice search to look up a word without having to spell it.
Earning the name of Apple’s iPad App of the Year, this app is a great and beautiful way to go through news, photos, videos, and social media updates. Flipboard is like your own personal magazine, with everything you want to see in one single space.

Facebook finallay released their app for the iPad, and its interface boasts simple navigation on your apple devices!

If you like this list, you’ll love our Best of iPad Apps website, site dedicated to providing you with the scoop on the best apps for a variety of categories-from the best apps for writing to apps for various specific educational topics, this website will give you a little insight on the best of what’s available to you!

Some of the Best New iPad apps from 2011!

As Apple continues to release new and updated devices, the apps available for them continue to expand. Here is a list of some of the best free apps that were released in 2011!


Visually browse news from a variety of news sources including Facebook, Twitter, and Flipboard’s built-in categories. The ability to easily flip through your various sources make this app a must-have!


Facebook finally released their app for the iPad last year, and it’s interface boasts simple navigation on your mobile devices.

Skitch for iPad

This newly released app by Evernote to annotate and sketch over photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages, and then share with others over Twitter or email!


This is the perfect app to explore literally anything. This app combines images, videos, text, and infographics to create a unique learning experience.

Dolphin Browser HD

This app is for the iPad and serves as an alternative web browser. It offers a variety of unique features including tabbed browsing, a webzine for favorite websites, gestures to access frequent sites, full screen mode, and more.

Apps for your Computer

There’s a lot of hype these days surrounding Apple’s iPads and iPhones and all the great apps that go along with them, and we do plenty of blogging about it! Don’t have an iPad or an iPhone? Don’t sweat it-there are so many great resources available for free on the internet that often do the same great things. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:


With Cramster, that impossible math problem that has been keeping you up all night just got a little easier. Cramster is a haven for help with homework. From providing assistance to supported textbook problems to getting feedback and advice from experts, it’s like an instant tutor. Instructors-share this one with your students, and they will be sure to thank you!

eTutor Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators are so expensive, and it’s great that apps are turning iPads and iPhones into instant graphic calculators. But if you don’t have the iPad or iPhone, this is a great alternative. eTutor’s graphing calculator is simple to use, free, and online!


One of the most tedious parts of papers isn’t the actual writing-it’s citing all the sources. Bibme is a great resource offering auto-fill citations, guides to citation types, and a place to store all bibliographies in one place.

Be sure to keep up with our blog-we are always searching for the next best online resources and sharing them with you!

We’re all about iPads!

One thing you may have noticed this school year is students coming to class with not only their laptops and smartphones, but a new shiny tool-the iPad. The iPad has proven itself a valuable tool for education-the thousands of apps available for students and educators are some of the best tech tools available.

Check out our iPad apps site here to see some of the best iPad apps organized into categories. From free apps for education to the best apps for research and writing, you will be sure to find some great resources for your students and yourself. Be sure to share this site with your students and colleagues and check back often-we are always looking for the newest apps to add to our lists!

iPads are now available for faculty to check out! We have 2 iPads in the Media Lab (BRK 180) available for week-long checkout to faculty.

iPad 2 Smart Cover

Online Study Tools

Looking for a way to help your students study on the go? Give Flashcard Machine a try! Flashcard Machine is a free tool for creating interactive, web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others. Teachers can build customized pages for each course to organize flashcards. With over 42.1 million flash cards created to-date and an iOS app for use on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, Flashcard Machine may be just the tool your students need to prepare for their next exam.

There’s an App for that…

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately scouring the internet and finding some of the best and most functional iPad/iPhone apps for higher education. It is truly remarkable how much some of these apps can do and after trying some, you may find yourself wondering how you were able to function without it. Here are 5 (FREE!) iPad/iPhone apps that both educators and students alike will find to be extremely useful.

Sundry Notes

As one of the most convenient apps for the iPad, Sundry Notes allows users to write text, draw anywhere, research with the internet, import PDFs, images, and documents from Evernote, GoogleDocs and Dropbox, and share notes via Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Make it a multimedia note-taking experience by recording audio.


This app allows users to sync and share files online and across computers. Simply said, yet extremely practical.


This app is highly valued amongst avid iPad users for its effectiveness in organizing everything that one may need to remember. Through notes, recordings and synchronizing with other computers or devices, you won’t forget that deadline again with Evernote.

Offline Pages

Spend a lot of money on your new iPad but don’t feel like forking over extra money each month for internet service? Offline Pages is the app for you. Users can save entire web pages to be reviewed for offline reading when that beloved Wi-Fi is unavailable.


I’ve blogged about TED before, mostly because I just can’t get enough of it. This app offers users access to talks from fascinating people all over the world; from medical marvels to business gurus. There are over 700 TEDTalk videos available, with more constantly being added. Users can create playlists, and select to watch videos when a network connection is unavailable.

And a bonus-GoodReader

Although this app is not free (it costs 99 cents), it is a valuable companion for note taking. Open large PDF files and markup, annotate, highlight, and then share with others. Definitely well worth the 99 cent price tag!