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How do you get your news?

There is no questioning that social media has become a huge part of most of our lives. From tweeting on a regular basis to checking our Facebook for updates from friends and organizations that we follow, we find out most of the information we know via social media. So exactly how is social media changing the role in which we receive news? In a huge way-social media is rapidly growing in numbers and beginning to replace traditional journalism as our news source. Check out this great infographic we have found and see just how much social media is changing the way we get our news!

The new Cloud in the sky

Google Apps has taken over many of the things we use the internet for—email, managing schedules, organizing photos, creating websites, and so much more! Now, they’ve released Google Drive, the app that allows us to share and store files over the internet.

Google Drive is like Google’s version of “The Cloud” but it offers several additional features, including:  it integrates with your other Google apps (including Google Docs!), offers 5GB of storage for free, and it goes beyond other storage apps by offering live collaboration features.

Google Drive is an app that is downloaded to your computer. After downloading Google Drive, you will be able to sync your files on your computer to your Google Drive. They will then appear on the web for you to access whenever you need them! Any time you put a file in the folders synced with your Google Drive, they will appear in your Google Drive on the web. You will then be able to view, edit, share, and collaborate live on your files.

Google Drive offers many additional features for you to check out. The integration of Google Docs allows users to create multiple types of documents, there is a search feature that can help you find anything, and you can get Google Drive on the go through their apps for Android and iOS devices (coming soon)!