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5 ways you can use…Camtasia Relay!

Lecture capture is a revolutionary tool that facilitates communication in learning, which makes it particularly valuable for higher education. If you are looking for a tool to increase student accessibility to lectures, class materials, or any other information you provide them with, Camtasia Relay is the tool for you. By capturing your screen and voice/other audio, Camtasia Relay offers educators the ability to record lectures, presentations, or demonstrations. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Use Camtasia Relay to record “how-to” videos for navigating through computer programs or useful websites you wish to share with your students or colleagues.
  2. Record and capture your lectures to share online with students for online courses, or if you are sick and unable to hold class.
  3. If you teach an online course, have students remain interactive with the class by using Camtasia Relay to narrate and capture their presentation. This way, they will be able to present and share their projects with the class.
  4. Record web-conferences or web-meeting to utilize for future reference.
  5. Provide individual feedback to students by recording your assessment of their papers. Go through making comments, and then share the screencast with them to review.

Camtasia Relay provides educators with the opportunity to share lectures and supplemental materials for students to view outside of class, keeping them connected. Explore the different ways Camtasia Relay can be integrated in your classroom, whether it is recording a narrated journey through the web or simply recording lectures so students have the ability to go back and review key concepts. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Did I Miss Anything?

This is one of my favorite questions from students who have missed class. Many days, I want to answer ‘No, we decided that we couldn’t continue without your presence and invaluable input, so we just waited until your return.’

Missed classes are unavoidable for many students – perhaps they are student athletes, have health issues, are primary caretakers for family members, etc.

Since it’s unrealistic to reenact class each time a student is absent, you might consider class capture as a solution. Class capture allows you to record your class, with the end result being a link to the recording. This link can be shared with students via Blackboard, iTunes, or e-mail, where they can view the recording at their convenience. It also serves as a great review for students who attended class.

ITS has two solutions for class capture:

– Camtasia Relay, which captures both audio and whatever is displayed on the computer screen.

– Echo 360, which captures video of the instructor along with audio and whatever is displayed on the computer screen

For more information about these solutions, visit our Lecture Capture webpage.