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Offline Web Pages

We use the internet so often that sometimes when there’s a glitch, it can be a little difficult to cope. (Trust me; I know…my internet has now been working at my home for the past two weeks!).

I remembered an app I had talked about before because of its ability to make situations like this just a little more bearable. I downloaded one of these and it really helped me out so much during this situation, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share in the event that your internet goes out unexpectedly and you do not feel up to spending hours on end at Starbucks.

Here are a few options for offline reading!

This app (formerly known as Read It Later) is free and simple to use. Pages that are saved for offline viewing are all tied to the same account so you can access them from any of your linked devices!

Another free option to try out! Use the built in browser and save pages offline with the icon. Save entire pages including the formatting and images!

This is one of the most notable and dependable apps in this area, and if you plan on doing a lot of offline reading, this is your app! Use the built in button within the app’s browser to save pages for offline viewing at any time.

Keep in mind, these apps are great for situations other than losing internet connection unexpectedly—think traveling on the airplane, while driving, etc.! Now you can be so much more productive in your “internet-down” time!