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The Write Way to Go

It’s the second half of the semester and for students required to hand in a semester-long research paper or write up a paper for a final, now may be a good time to begin reading all the literature and journal articles found weeks ago.  Nothing sounds more tedious to a penny-pinching student than having to print out 30-page articles, and that task doesn’t exactly go along with the goal of “Greener Earth”.

Check out this amazing tool that will help organize information in articles and allow users to type notes on PDFs. PDF Annotator is a tool that will allow users to open their previously saved PDF files and add text, images, stamps, freely written notes, or highlight the text on the page. We knew apps like this were available for use on iPads and such, but this is a great tool for a PC user. Download PDF Annotator and use the free 30 day trial to organize all those notes for that paper due at the end of the semester and save money and trees from printing those endless articles.