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Have you been introduced to “Glogging”?

We love discovering free, new web-based tools that are interactive and can easily be used in higher education. Today, we have found exactly that for you! We are loving Glogster, a free tool that allows users to create interactive “posters”. But these aren’t just posters-they are glogs. A glog is essentially a web-based poster that includes text, images, graphics, videos, audio, links, and more. Users can create their posters and then share them through social media tools like Facebook or Twitter, or even check out the glogs created by other users in the Glogster community.

Glogster is a great way to encourage your students to express their creativity and think outside of the box for an upcoming project. By using various resources such as YouTube videos, links from other informational websites, images, and audio clips, creating a glog is an exciting multimedia project. Because Glogster is free and web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere with internet service-simply log in and create a new glog or access existing glogs. The ease and accessibility makes it a great tool for the busy college student.

If you are interested in using Glogster in your classroom, or would like to learn more about it, feel free to contact us! We would love to introduce you to “Glogging”!