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You may think you know Prezi, but do you really?

If you follow our blog, Prezi is probably familiar to you. The free-web based presentation tool has given PowerPoint presentations a run for their popularity by offering a new, exciting point of view.  Prezi is entirely different than a PowerPoint and can engage audiences in a unique way, and capture their attention.

Now, although we’ve talked about Prezi quite often, we’ve got some new ways for you to use Prezi in your classroom!

1. Add an arrow pointing to a key detail in an image.

Click on the arrow while presenting your Prezi, and your Prezi will zoom in until the tip of the arrow fills the screen! Point to a particular part of an image, or whatever you wish to focus in on.

2. Use Prezi as a Mindmap

If you’re looking for a tool or program to use to create mindmaps, look no further! Prezi is your blank canvas, and your mindmap can be set up however you wish! Add images, text, videos, and frames to organize your thoughts.

3. Upload documents for discussion to Prezi

If you have a PDF you need to go over with your class, you can upload it to Prezi and then zoom on different areas, add text over it, etc!


More ways to Prezi-fy your presentations!

Have you used Prezi lately? If you don’t know what Prezi is, it is a free web-based tool that allows users to create presentations in an entirely new way! No longer does a presentation only consist of swapping between slides, but with Prezi, users can add text, images, videos, and more and then use a zooming and panning feature to create stimulating presentations that are completely out of the box! But there’s more…

Now, Prezi has added even more awesome features! These two new features both enhance the visual effects of your Prezi. Now, choose between backgrounds that are not only the basic ones they have offered in the past, but they are 3D! Upload an image you would like to add to your Prezi to be the background, then the 3D wizard will make your image 3D automatically! Even better, you can choose to add up to THREE images and make them 3D…Prezi will then fade in and out of each image throughout your presentation! This touches on the second new feature of Prezi-the ability to fade in and out of content within frames.

To read more about these new features, click here! And, as always, feel free to contact us to learn more about Prezi and how you can use it in your classroom!

Your Summer Bucket List!

Finally, the weather is warm, the sun is out, and it’s clear that summer is finally on the horizon. With classes ending, you may find yourself with more time on your hands. Like last year, we are giving you a Summer Bucket List, Round 2. Here are 3 ideas for you to explore this summer.

1.       Engage yourself in the world of Social Media

While Facebook, Twitter, and blogging aren’t new to the technology world, they quickly reached the top. Social Media is everywhere and has a place in almost every industry-especially higher education! Chances are your students are on their phones, laptops, iPads and other devices all the time, so incorporating blogs, Twitter, and other social media tools into your classroom could be a great way to maintain contact even when class is over. This summer, create a Twitter and begin tweeting or start up a blog that you can integrate with your classes in August. 

2.       Liven up your Lectures

No longer is PowerPoint the standard for classroom lectures. There are now so many neat (and free!) tools available so you can escape the monotonous PowerPoint presentation. For other ways to present information, try checking out Prezi or SlideRocket. Or, if you are looking for something interesting and unique to incorporate into lecture, check out TED and Snag Films for great videos that will make your students understand classroom material from a broader prospective!

3.       Familiarize yourself with Free Web Resources!

This one may be one of our favorite ideas. We spend a lot of time searching for free web resources for higher education and share them with you through our blog. Be sure to continue to follow us for weekly posting that provide you with the scoop on what’s new, great, and free!

Check out a Google Site we’ve created where you can view an entire list of free web-based resources. Read their descriptions to learn more, and then instantly access their links to instantly begin using them!

Summer is a great time to explore new options and resources for the upcoming school year. When you’re not vacationing or lounging by the pool, we hope that after checking out these resources a little more you will be inspired to put them into use this August! If you would like more information on the tools listed above and many more ideas for creative ways to integrate technology into your classes, be sure to check out our past blog entries, our website, or contact us!

Add some pizzazz to your lectures!

Ahh yes, February. The days are short, the weather is dreary, and the only thing that may be on the minds of your students is the fact that there is only one month until spring break. It’s that time of the semester where you may find yourself going above and beyond in an effort to stimulate your students.  We have put together a list of things you can do to add a little pizzazz to your lectures and keep your students motivated and focused!

  • If you are tired of using PowerPoint as your go-to presentation tool, check out Prezi. This free web-based tool will put a unique twist on your presentations and still allow you to add images, videos, and more!
  • To get students more involved in your lecture and keep them focused, try TurningPoint! Each student has their own clicker and can directly respond to questions and you will be provided with instant feedback!
  • Check out TED.com for speeches across the world on any subject you could imagine-a TED video could be a great addition to your lecture! If you like the idea of using educational videos to enhance your lectures, check out Snag Films, Academic Earth, or YouTube EDU for some more great videos.
  • If you like to walk around your classroom during lectures (or like to roam around making sure students aren’t spending the hour browsing Facebook) try out Engage. This tool is an extension of your computer and lets you navigate whatever is on the screen from anywhere in the classroom!



Step outside your “presentation comfort zone”

It’s getting to that point in the semester where students may be getting a little restless in class and you might be finding the good ol’ PowerPoint just isn’t really making the cut. If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to step out of the “comforting zone” of PowerPoint, check out these options for your next presentation! They are all free and web-based!


Prezi allows you to create a unique, dynamic presentation that is completely different than PowerPoint or any of the other slide-based presentation tools around! Focus in on specific words, phrases, pictures, or whatever you wish, and use the zooming and panning feature to highlight what is most important. Prezi keeps the audience alert to listen to what you say (since the entire text isn’t available for them to see on the screen) and to see what pops up next!


While SlideRocket does use the format of flipping from slide to slide, the possibilities for making it stand out are endless. SlideRocket offers an incredible set of design tools- themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash. Share presentations with a click by distributing a URL, collaborate with others in the slide library, and get inspired through watching other professionally designed presentations!

Always keep in mind that the internet offers so many great presentation tools for free, so don’t panic if you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your computer-you have options! Some other tools to check out are Empressr, Google Docs, and 280Slides. Happy Presenting!

Avoiding PowerPointlessness

When Microsoft introduced PowerPoint, the world of presentations was revolutionized. Perhaps we are well overdue for another revolution. I’d like to introduce you to the possibilities of Prezi, a free and innovative way to present and engage.

Prezi is a web-based tool that allows users to create a presentation using a map layout. Users are able to zoom in and out of different items and show relationships from an interesting point of view.  We encourage you to attend our workshop on December 1st at 10am to learn how to use Prezi.  Check out the Prezi below for a glimpse:

Let’s mix things up a bit…

If there is one thing I appreciate as a graduate student, it is the opportunity to get creative with projects. Students get consumed with notes, papers and studying for exams, so when they receive a task where they can get their creative juices flowing, it’s not as much work as it is fun. Try switching things up and give your students the opportunity to get creative with a project.

This is an easy way for you as an educator to incorporate new and exciting technology into your lessons, and into the projects assigned to students. There are a variety of websites that offer free ways for educators and students to create videos or slideshows, so put yourself and your students up to the challenge of using these new programs to spice up presentations and assignments.


Prezi is a web-based tool that allows users to create a presentation using a map layout. They are able to zoom in and out of different images and text to show relationships from an interesting point of view. Prezi can be used as an alternative to PowerPoint, however, design options are limited, users cannot insert clipart, and the presentations are not meant to be printed. View a handout of how to use Prezi here.

Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 is a free application offered through Windows.  Users are able to upload images into slideshows, add text, audio, and even voice narration. Click here to view a project made with Photo Story 3.


With Animoto, users can create movies using still images complete with music and text. It’s easy to use, and free. Signing up for an education account will increase the length of which the movies can be.  Click here to view a clip of an example movie.

The ways that you can incorporate these programs into your class are endless; students can create advertisements, public service announcements, creative videos, slideshows, presentations for speeches, or they can just be used as an alternative to a PowerPoint presentation. Plus, anytime you incorporate utilizing new technology, students are instantly more attracted and become more involved.  The Instructional Support and Training team offers support for integrating technology, so contact us if you would like to get together and talk more!