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Create your own Infographics!

It’s pretty clear from our blog that we are huge fans of infographics! So you could imagine our excitement when Sliderocket just released this awesome feature: templates to create your own infographics!

Infographics are a great way to share information in a unique and attention-grabbing way. Mix graphic visuals with pertinent information, and you’ve got yourself an effective infographic to share on your blog, website, twitter and more!

One of the coolest features about Sliderocket’s infographics is that they are animated, complete with transitions and all! Check out one we’ve created here!



Step outside your “presentation comfort zone”

It’s getting to that point in the semester where students may be getting a little restless in class and you might be finding the good ol’ PowerPoint just isn’t really making the cut. If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to step out of the “comforting zone” of PowerPoint, check out these options for your next presentation! They are all free and web-based!


Prezi allows you to create a unique, dynamic presentation that is completely different than PowerPoint or any of the other slide-based presentation tools around! Focus in on specific words, phrases, pictures, or whatever you wish, and use the zooming and panning feature to highlight what is most important. Prezi keeps the audience alert to listen to what you say (since the entire text isn’t available for them to see on the screen) and to see what pops up next!


While SlideRocket does use the format of flipping from slide to slide, the possibilities for making it stand out are endless. SlideRocket offers an incredible set of design tools- themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash. Share presentations with a click by distributing a URL, collaborate with others in the slide library, and get inspired through watching other professionally designed presentations!

Always keep in mind that the internet offers so many great presentation tools for free, so don’t panic if you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your computer-you have options! Some other tools to check out are Empressr, Google Docs, and 280Slides. Happy Presenting!

A New Way to Present

Enjoy the simplicity of PowerPoint but looking for a fresh, alternative for your presentations? Check out SlideRocket.
SlideRocket is a web-based tool that allows users to create sharp and modern presentations with layouts and options similar to PowerPoint. SlideRocket’s basic plan is offered to users at no cost, which makes it a great alternative for your students who may not have access to PowerPoint. While an internet connection is needed to access and play presentations, SlideRocket offers an assortment of customizable options. A few highlights include:
• Browse through thousands of images to add to slides
• Upload YouTube videos to play directly in the presentation
• Add audio
• Edit text in various ways
• Add live Twitter feeds
• Enter data to instantly create charts
• Import slides from PowerPoint to edit in SlideRocket
Be sure to take a look at SlideRocket to see how you can revitalize your presentations, and share this great free tool with your students!