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The Power of Multimedia

The other day we introduced a class to various multimedia tools available for use in the Media Lab to help assist them with their final project for the semester, where they are instructed to get creative and use multimedia. Going over all of these fun tools even got me excited for their final project, even though I am clearly not a student in the class.

The Media Lab offers wonderful resources for students to use both within the lab and for checkout to use on their own time. From Flip cameras to microphones and movie editing software, students are provided with an area where they can utilize tools and also get assistance from student workers and full-time staff.  They are provided with all the tools needed to create videos, blogs, documentaries, audio essays, or anything else their creative minds can conjure up.

Utilizing the tools available for students in the Media Lab is the perfect opportunity to get your students more involved in class material and evoke their interests in technology. Instruct your students to get creative using multimedia tools for projects and perhaps they will gain more from the project than they would writing a typical paper. Be sure to visit us in the Media Lab in the lower level of Brookens Library and we will be happy to help you and your students!